Top sewing tools

The last few months I have been introduced to some top sewing tools – “extras” . These are not essential sewing tools but boy am I glad have met you..

My personal top 5 “extra” sewing tools

1 Rotary Cutter

rotary cutter

Oh my, how did I manage without one??? I love the precise cutting

2 Non slip Quilting Ruler

quilting ruler

You can’t have a rotary cutter without a quilting ruler. I not only use this for cutting but for marking out my knitting needle cases, and any precise square and rectangular pieces of sewing. Since owning this measuring block I wonder how I lived without it – I use it most days!

3 Quilters chalk pen

chalk penNow there is nothing wrong with traditional tailors chalk, but this is so precise – great for measuring out my knitting needle cases, and tracing round pattern pieces. Again I use this every time I sew!

4 Clover clips

clover clips

These are wonderful for bag making, and for holding fabrics you rather not have pin holes in.

 5 Overlocker / Serger


I have to admit its a work in progress learning how to use it!!

Thank you Elizabeth for introducing me to three out of five!!  Here are some further favourite sewing tool suggestions by some fabulous sewing bloggers:

I suspect I will be purchasing the odd item from this list this year!!

But the big question is what have I missed fellow sewers?? What is going to transform my sewing next??





30 thoughts on “Top sewing tools”

    • What a fabulous idea – excuse me whilst I pop off to put the radio on:) (although the Archers omnibus can be a bit distracting!)

  1. Great list. As mentioned above, I love my Clover 5-in-1 hem gauge which is new to me recently. Much better than the basic one. Also love my Clover Wonder clips and bodkin. A few on this list I’ll have to give a try! Thanks for sharing.

    • The hem gauge is high up on my to purchase list:) Having only recently discovered clover products I am a fan, they are well made:)

  2. I have read about the rotary cutter elsewhere and did wonder if it would have made cutting my leggings out any easier! Do you need a board? I am intrigued by some of the other items on your yet to be purchased list. Please hurry and buy them so I can learn more

    • You are so right you do need a board of the rotary cutter – it should be on the list!! Never made leggings.. where do you get your fabric from? Do I need a trip to Cambridge?!

  3. I cannot imagine sewing without my rotary cutter & rulers! I scored a bunch of rulers at an estate sale in all shapes and sizes, I love em. I use cheap alligator hair clips instead of pins, but am curious if wonder clips would be worth it over my cheapies!

  4. Fantastic list! I totally believe in the right tool for the job (although that doesn’t mean I don’t try to make tools do things they shouldn’t! lol. xx

  5. A great list, I don’t have a lot of sewing gadgets but I’ve heard lots of good things about the rotary cutter, I really must look into one 🙂


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