Suit jacket refashioned into a A line skirt

This year Portia’s annual refashion competition is suits. As usual, I have left it to the very last minute to enter (closes tomorrow!). There really are some amazing recreations of suits on her inspirational Pinterest board.

Tempted to make a fitted dress I changed my mind when I turned this jacket inside out and saw the pop of lining.

Inspiration came in the form of using one side of the front of the jacket the correct side out, the other side showing the lining joined to form the front of an A line skirt.

I used a tutorial on youtube for working out measurements for an A line skirt to create a paper template for the skirt shape.


I covered some buttons with some spare lining fabric to emphasise the beautiful blue.

For the back of the skirt I pieced together the back of the jacket with the sleeves.

Next up to sew the two sides together and check the fitting.

Lastly I created a waistband from a suit trouser waistband, putting it on inside out – I love the stripe of black and white which adds another element to the upcycled skirt.

One side of the suit sleeves was missing buttons which I replaced with blue buttons.

I suspect it’s worth replacing the other sleeve buttons.

I am pleased with the result.

Check out other entries on Instagram, hashtag #refashioners2017 there are some stunning entries.

If you would like to see previous entries (2016 and 2015) I made jeans into a sashiko inspired bag and shirts into a toddler dress.



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  1. Hi Vickly, I like the jacket skirt you made. What a wonderful idea. Always looking forward to your ideas. Have a great day.


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