How to make a Denim Floor Cushion

Experiments in shibori dying lead me to contemplate treating dark jeans with bleach. My rather large denim stash was due an overhaul. The inspiration came to bleach shibori style patterns into the denim to make a large floor cushion. The DIY denim floor cushion is filled with the offcuts of the denim trousers plus old pillows.

how to make a denim floor cushion

My children love this large denim floor cushion, I suspect my life would be easier if I made two – one each! The side panels highlight the different jeans you start with. I am fortunate in that my friends nowadays pass on their old ripped jeans to me ready for my next creative project. If you are not so lucky I find the cheapest place to pick them up is at car boot sales.

learn how to make your own DIY large denim floor cushion, perfect for kids to chill out in their bedroom with a good book #largefloorcushionDIY

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Denim Floor Cushion



  • 5-6 pairs of jeans
  • A circular template 54cm across
  • Scissors
  • Rubber bands,
  • Needle and thread
  • Bleach
  • Pipping

Prepare your old jeans by cutting into panels, cut down the seams and across at the top close to the pockets. Cut lengths of jean 30cm long (the width of your jean panel), you will need approximately 26 in total. 12 pieces for each side plus an extra two for bleaching just in case.



To gain the bleached effects create some resists where the fabric will remain darker. The three effects are created by:

Tie circles of the fabric with elastic bands.

Crumple and tie with elastic bands.

Hand stitching, use running stitch and gather, repeat every 10 cm’s down your piece of denim, tie in place with rubber bands.

how to make a denim floor cushion


Place your pieces into a bucket of bleach and stir. Gradually you will see the fabric change colour. I left mine for approximately an hour.

how to make a denim floor cushion

Remove, untie and wash in the machine to remove the remainder of the bleach. Press.

how to make a denim floor cushion

Place a pencil on a string. Hold the end of the string in the middle and draw a circle round 27 cm from your middle (where you are holding it). Use an old piece of wallpaper or lining paper for your template.

Cut your 30cm lengths of denim into triangular shapes. I suggest cutting from the edge of one short side to the middle of the opposite short side.

how to make a denim floor cushion

Place on your template overlapping the central point and edges by a centimetre. Play with the different pieces of denim until you are satisfied with the design. Don’t worry about the circular edge at this point.

Sew your triangles together using a 1 centimetre seam allowance, being careful at the central point. As you reach completion of the circle iron the seams. This makes it easier for you to work out the correct seam allowance on your final piece, you may need to widen or shorten your seam allowance to create the flat circle.

how to make a denim floor cushion


Repeat this process to create the other side of the cushion. Using your template as a guide trim both pieces to a circle shape, ensure the template is laid so the central point of the template is on top of the central point of fabric.

how to make a denim floor cushion


Create the side of the cushion by sewing together strips of denim 35 cm long. You will need a finished side piece measures 162cm.

how to make a denim floor cushion


Cut pieces of denim 3cm wide for the piping, you will need two pieces 162cm long. If need be sew pieces together to create the length. Wrap around the piping and pin round the edge of the cushion top, piping facing inwards. Stitch in place using the zipper foot on your sewing machine. Repeat for the base of the cushion.

how to make a denim floor cushion

Place cushion side piece along the edge of the cushion top, pin and then machine round as close to the piping as you can manage. Start 1 cm in and stop 1cm off. Stitch 5-6cm of your final side seam. Finish the seam along the top. Repeat for the bottom of the cushion. Your side seam will have an opening to allow you to stuff the cushion.

how to make a denim floor cushion

Stuff your cushion. I used the remainder of the jeans cut into fragments, other fabric scraps plus an old flat bean bag. Hand stitch the gap closed.

how to make a denim floor cushion

Add a button to the centre of the top, adding a touch of class.

how to make a denim floor cushion

I love how you can fill the cushion with anything soft, perfect for using up scraps of fabric, old pillows, duvets and so on.





10 thoughts on “How to make a Denim Floor Cushion”

  1. Ha! Adding a button may add a touch of class but it also constitutes a cat magnet! I will see how it looks when finished to see if a button is a good idea.

  2. Amazing job! Love tie dye and shibori style folding. One question for you – – do you use the bleach straight from the container or do you dilute it with water? If so, what’s the ratio of bleach to water? Thanks so much!

    • I used neat bleach… I don’t know about the long-term effect but hopefully, the denim will remain hard wearing. I didn’t leave it in the bleach long and then washed quickly afterwards to neutralise the bleach.


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