Sunday Update – feeling blessed

As National Wool Week draws to a close I am pleased to show you my finished cowl… just in the nick of time with the complete change of weather.


I love this Winter Garden by Debbie Bliss wool… not sure it goes with my coat but who cares?! It was a fab quick knit:) Needless to say I have of course two other knitting projects on the go, a jumper for my son and a cardigan for my daughter – they will keep on growing which means it takes me longer to knit them clothes! Have you done anything to celebrate wool week?

I have also managed to carry on working on building up stock in my Etsy shop, listing two new corduroy bags.

Chooclate Cord Shoulder Bag

Thank you for your feedback last week, I decided to follow your advice and not invest in SEO advice.

This week I have been delighted and surprised by various people’s kindness – Jill over at Creating my way to Success contacted me and kindly promoted my bags on her blog. If you have not visited her blog before you really should, she has over a 100 free tutorials, and has a tendency to recycle too:)

Natalie over at Free Spirit Designs directed me to Press Loft. I have signed up to a 60 day free trial. Here’s hoping I gain some press coverage. This coming week’s focus is creating some press worthy images, including cut out images (heres hoping for a great tutorial for free software so I can do this!).

And a special big mention for Leah:) In the UK Lidl had a special offer on an overlocker (serger), reduced from the usual selling price of £210 to £129. Inevitably they sold out in many places within minutes of opening. I have never met Leah but as a result of a group Facebook chat she very generously bought one on my behalf and took the risk that I would reimburse her, this took me aback with kindness… In return I am making a cover for her grandson due in December.

I hope you have had an equally productive and blessed week, off to check out Handmade Harbour,



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Christmas sales planning

This week has been busy with a focus on updating my Etsy shop. I am steadily working towards a 100 listings, currently at 75!

tweed handmade bag

I have updated the sections and launched a new autumn range.

November and December are key selling dates. I have set myself a target – to be able to take £500 profit, up until now I have always reinvested. To achieve this I have set myself some steps:

  • Etsy shop – Updated listings with clear photographs, and SEO maximised tags, ideally a 100 + items
  • Folksy Shop – newly opened I need to keep adding the stock I have (this is the UK equivalent to Etsy for the UK). This increases potential number of customers.
  • Promotion – to bite the bullet and prepare a press release, research potential blogs, and e-mail them. I believe my target customer is 35-45, interested in the environment, recycling, fresh air.

I have several questions I need to clarify in my own mind. I have about £200 I could take out of the business or reinvest… Has anyone bought SEO advice specific for their Etsy shop? Is it worth it? I consistently sell knitting needle cases, but fail to get my bags noticed on such a large website. My shop views are approximately the same as compared to the previous year, although sales are up 25%.

Should I instead invest in support re the presentation of this blog, make it more professional in layout and design? Blog views in September were 13,000 as opposed to 2,000 a year ago. Or take the money out as a good start towards my goal?!

Does anyone else sell on Etsy and Folksy? I am struggling to get my head round Folksy in terms of no tags. How do people find my products when searching Folksy, is it through the description or does only the title count for key words?

Anyone any suggestions re press release and who to send it to?

Grey tweed bag - Vicky myers creations

Crikey – thats a lot of  input I have just asked for… any suggestions gratefully received:)

I am off to catch up with Handmade Harbour folk:) Have a good week,



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Buy British Day

Today is the first ever Buy British Day, I thought I would celebrate by introducing you to a variety of British East Anglian makers. This a small selection of beautiful goodies.

Feeling the autumn chill? Then this faux fur collar could be just the thing:)

Faux Fur collar in golden brown

The House of Handmade

Or thinking about modernising your decor? How about a gorgeous print?

Low tide clover

Amelia Bowman

Or a cat cushion cover – I just love the colour teal:)

Cats cushion cover


Naturally I had to include some fab upcycling – love this vinyl necklace (a great change from bowls and clocks for old records!)


Reform Jewellery

I am sure you agree there are some fantastically talented people about!

For today only I am joining in celebrating British goods, enter buybritishday at the checkout for 10% off – go on go and have a browse, you make find the perfect gift:)



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