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I am delighted to be taking part in this fab blog hop that’s going around the creative crafting blogland. I was invited by Anna, thank you so much! You can read her blog hop post here. Anna was the first designer to accept me as a pattern tester, I have learnt many bag making techniques through pattern testing for her.

What am I working on?

I am currently juggling a new upcycled bag design (a former skirt which sadly I was just never going to get into, paired up with some trousers from a car boot sale). This new design is so very nearly finished…

upcycled bag

alongside some tablet cases,

Upcycled Denim Tablet Case

and most excitingly making a changing bag for my brother and sister in law expecting their first baby… I’m excited to be an aunty:)

bag cutting out

In theory I am working on stocking my etsy shop up ready for Christmas sales, my goal is to have a 100 items listed on Etsy and 50 knitting needle cases made. I am regularly distracted from this goal with making for family, or with pattern testing for designers.

How does my work differ from others its genre?

I LOVE creating my own designs, creations – responding to the fabric I have. There are some great fellow upcycling, bag making, creative people which I am inspired by. Seeing others work can be inspiring, spark new ideas, and experiments, but my work will always be unique.

Tweed Skirt Bag

Why do I write/create what I do?

Initially I started making upcycled bags as a result of a christmas present “” I have been bitten by the bug. Initially learning the basics of bag making  I now create my own designs. I am passionate about the idea of transforming a former item into a whole new creation, giving a new lease of life.

Other hats in life include being a wife, mother, christian, greeny, on the left side of politics person, employee, blogger, who believes we have been given a world to look after, not to strip of its natural resources. I am overwhelmed with climate change, with the ending of natural resources in sight.

Recycled Denim Foot Pouf

Being able to use old fabric, and clothes is important to me. It’s a small effort on my part to reduce landfill. My creativity is an innate part of me, which at times I have neglected, to the detriment of my well being.

How does my writing/creative process work?

This question is hard to answer! In respect to creating, a project is usually initiated by a desire for some practical item in our day to day family lives. If it’s a bag I’m making it is usually inspired and led by the fabric I am working with.

Water resistant DIY Picnic Rug

In respect to writing I aim to blog every Sunday evening, and ideally once during the week too. This does vary dependant upon the rest of my life. I enjoy writing and sharing tutorials on my blog, with the hope of inspiring others to be creative, and upcycle! Most writing happens sat on the end of the dining room table with kids playing around me:)

I’m passing the baton on to Daniela of Onthecuttingfloor. Daniela shares many sewing tutorials, I am looking forward to reading her post on September the 8th.


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camera bag – last minute sewing!

So how do you fill the day before you go on holiday?? I found myself whipping up a camera bag. The day before you go on holiday focusses the mind and prioritises the sewing to be completed..  A new case for new camera, what else? Oh yes the sun dress for my daughter that doesn’t quite fit:)!!

Camera Bag DIY

I knew that I would inevitable spend the holidays carrying round a bag with drinks for the kids, carrying their jumpers when they didn’t want them, my purse, phone – you get the picture..!

My experience of childrens drink cups leads me to believe that accidents do happen and they can spill.. so I decided I was aiming at protection for my camera so I could place it in the one rucksack with everything  else.

I followed this fab tutorial, and tweaked it a little:) It’s two layers of fabric, the outer plus lining, with a layer of wadding inbetween. Using your camera as a template mark out on a piece of fabric, adding an extra 3″ all round. For one side add extra length in order to fold over and fasten with velcro.

Camera case 1

I found the case to be a little big, so when I sewed it all together and added the bias binding to cover the raw seam I altered the measurements.

camera case 2


I do love it when a last minute project comes together quickly, especially when it’s from my fabric stash:)

Camera Case DIY

Next up altering my daughters sundress to fit.. I altered the straps from ribbon to cotton, and took the sides in by a couple more inches.


As you can see we had a great holiday:)

241 tote Noodlehead ImagineGnats

Image courtesy of ImagineGnats

I was tempted to purchase this noodlehead pattern, and try to sew one up, but thankfully for all the familys sake reality kicked in re packing suitcases instead!

As usual I am hopping by Handmade Harbour to see what everyone else’s week has been like,


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Affordable crafting and sewing supplies?

I have set myself a challenge, to visit one of the many economy stores that are popping up and to see what supplies I could find.

I think you may be surprised…

Fabric duvet sets

Fabric, table runners, t-towels, and of course bed linen. This single duvet cover for £6.99 which is the equivalent of 4 metres of fabric, for the same price I would gain one metre of the equivalent economy fabric in a fabric shop.

Foam tape

Tape, I was looking for parcel tape and double sided tape – have you seen this great tutorial for fabric washi tape, made with double sided tape and fabric scraps?  What I found was foam double sided tape – great for mounting:) Plus Pritt stick glue and wallpaper samples, perfect for card making.


Wool – you can never be short of wool:)


Affordable storage for your crafting supplies.

I didn’t find everything I expected to. I guess that is part of economy store shopping.. you never know what they have in stock!


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