New upcycled bag design

I am delighted to finally share my new design:)

Ladies Shoulder Bag

The bag started off as a skirt and a pair of trousers.  It took far too long to finally finish the bag, but I love the finished result:) Creating a dilemma as to whether to add it to my Etsy shop or keep it for myself!

Upcycled Skirt Bag

I found a fab tutorial I used for creating the handles. The bag measures 16 x 31 x 9 cm.

Internal bag

The bag is the perfect size for carrying round the essentials, with an internal zip pocket. Who doesn’t like a pocket?!

Mini IPAD case

I am delighted there was sufficient fabric to make a co-ordinating tablet case from the remaining fabric. This time with the trousers as the external fabric and the skirt as the lining.

blue knitting needle case

With five knitting needle cases made this week I feel as though I am getting back on track for stocking my etsy shop for Christmas Sales:) I hope you have had an equally productive week.

As usual I am hopping by Handmade Harbour to see what everyone else’s week has been like,


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London Fashion Week & Charity Shop Shopping?

Have you heard of Back of the Wardrobe? Neither had I, or realised London Fashion Week is upon us until I was contracted to ask if I would mind giving a shout out for this great collaborative project.

On Saturday September 13th, Emma will be recreating London Fashion Week looks live, on the spot, just moments after they appear on the SS15 LFW live stream – using ONLY clothes she finds in a Red Cross charity shop on the day. 

Catwalk Comparisons

These are examples of the looks she created last year, amazing. A fantastic way to raise the profile of charity shop shopping, extending the lives of clothes and giving money to good causes.

“1 million tonnes of clothes go to landfill each year. Fast fashion has created climate in which people have a throwaway relationship with their clothes. As a result of this people and the environment are readily exploited by the garment industry” Emma Slade Edmondson

“If we all extended the active use of our clothes for just three months, we cut each cut down on our carbon and water and waste footprint by up to 10%”

Stay tuned to @Backofwardrobe, @BritishRedCross, and on Saturday the 13th September 2014 to see the #LFWBOW ensembles as they materialise and watch the new film as soon as it’s released.


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5 Great Scrap Fabric Ideas

Great Fabric (1)



As you can imagine I generate quite a bit of scrappy bits of fabric. Here are 5 great ideas for your scrap fabric:

fabric scrap thumbtacks

I love these fabric scrap thumbtacks, they really would use up all those tiny bits of fabric. Thanks Jessica for the tutorial.

Bunting Fabric Scrap

Handmade notelets, simply cut out little triangular shapes, glue stick them down and sew a line across the top! This week, as part of my zero waste week efforts I have made a few, ready to include in any christmas sales parcels:)

Fabric Scrap wreath

Brighten up your home this fall with a fabric scrap wreath – would use up loads of scraps!!

Fabric tape

How about some fabric tape to brighten up any parcel? or to make cards with?

Fabric twine

But I have to admit I think I have saved the best to last! My favorite idea is this gorgeous fabric twine – I had a go at making my own. It does take time, and slightly longer pieces of scrap than the others but I think this would add a unique touch to wrapping parcels, or if you are good at crochet perhaps you could crochet with it?

If all else fails use your fabric scraps as stuffing for pincushions, or save it and take it to your local charity shop or recycling centre for rag collection.

I would love to know what you do with your fabric scraps, I have started a pinterest board to collect ideas:)

As usual I am hopping by Handmade Harbour to see what everyone else’s week has been like,


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