World Book Day

Today is world book day, what a fantastic day. Reading takes a quiet but very important place in my life. I read every night before bed.

Brought up to use libraries I relish visiting – even if it a quick dash to collect a variety of novels with appealing covers, and good reviews on the back cover!! The library is such a fantastic resource, the free books mean that you can enjoy exploring different styles of writing . Never mind free internet use, computer courses, knit and natter groups, toddler rhyme times, DVD’s, newspapers, ebooks … (did I mention it’s free??!)

This year I am taking part in #52books. The aim is to read 52 books in a year. So far I have read:

  • The Forrests – Emily perkins
  • Forgive Me – Lesley Pearse
  • In the spring time of the year, Susan Hill
  • The heart of the night, Judith Lennox
  • A possible Life, Sebastian Faulks
  • The Uninvited guests, Sadie Jones

As you can see I am not quite managing to remain on target, but I am enjoying the novels:) Hurray for libraries:)

World Book Day - Dorothy Wizard of Oz

Today my daughter is going to school dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz (after lots of conversations that Barbie is not from a book). I have a clear memory of her, when she first learnt to crawl.  She decided I was taking too long over my cup of tea so she set off crawling across what must have felt a great expanse of floor to the children’s library – much to the delight of myself and those passing by. Norwich is blessed with a wonderful library inside the Forum.

The Forum Norwich
Image courtesy of The Forum Trust

Nowadays she is not interested in us reading to her,  her enjoyment of books is limited to her school books, and reading toddler books to the tot. She has moved on from Julia Donaldson, but we haven’t found a successful replacement. I would love some suggestions of books she may engage with, and enjoy us reading together. We have tried Roald Dahl, but it did not quite grab her. She is just seven… please, please do add some suggestions:)

Why not visit your library today for World Book Day? See what wonderful resources they have.


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10 thoughts on “World Book Day”

  1. Has Amy read Dick King-Smith?
    The six books of ‘Sophies Adventures’ are gentle but fun.
    All about a strong willed little girl determined to be a farmer!

  2. I love our local library, it has an amazing kiddies section and they have lots of free events running through out the week. A great thrifty day out. Thanks for linking up to #ThriftyThursday 🙂

  3. You are so right libraries are wonderful places . I’d love to visit the Forum it looks amazing. Your daughter looks great dressed as Dorothy. Our son wasn’t a great reader around your daugher’s age and a friend suggested Jeremy Strong books. He couldn’t get enough of them after that. I’m impressed with your book list so far I have only managed to read 3 books this year. Enjoy World Book Day.
    Ali xx

  4. Love books! Our daughters are grown but they loved the Narnia series, Anne of Green Gables, also Little House on the Prairie which might not be as relevant since they are American frontier based.
    The library was and is a special stop for us. Such a great resource.
    Wonderful that your daughter went as Dorothy – did she have “Toto” with her?
    Enjoy World Book Day!

  5. My hubby works for the library service and has seen an awful number of library closures. Luckily he works for the home library service who have seen an increase in users. I always visited the local library as I was growing up and I do worry that if budget cuts continue as they are we will see less and less libraries open for borrowers.

  6. That library looks amazing. We’re a household of book lovers and my living room is currently being taken over by at least 25 boxes of books, all waiting for new bookshelves to be built by the husband!
    My 8 year old loves David Walliams and Sarah Lean books at the moment 🙂

  7. World Book Day is wonderful – a time to celebrate our love of reading….I can’t recommend Dianna Wynne Jones books enough; I read them as a kid, and now my children are reading them with me. They love them. The Ogre Downstairs is, in their words, “awesome!” Try these perhaps?


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