Upcycling & Recycling Denim


What do you make with old denim trousers? I don’t know about you but I always seem to have some poor fitting jeans around ready for recycling.

There are lots of great tutorial around, I’ve started making some denim baskets for my sewing room for storing odds and sods in!

Recycling Denim
Denim Storage Baskets

If you fancy making your own they are ever so easy, there’s a great tutorial on Threading My Way.

Plus I’ve started a Pinterest board, if you fancy checking it out:)

The storage baskets use up the legs of denim trousers, and my sewing machine, gorgeous though it is won’t cope with reusing and stitching through a waistband. However I can still squeeze another project out of the jeans, plus make a further effort to sort my sewing room out (one day I will share my space but I keep waiting for a tidy moment, you may be waiting a while!). Here is a denim pocket storage idea, a Pinaddict challenge.

from www.goodideasforyou.com
from www.goodideasforyou.com


To make your own unpick a few denim pockets



Find an old picture frame to stretch your fabric around


Arrange your pockets, and stitch on.


Sew onto your backing fabric


Stretch around the frame. I was delighted that I remembered a few pointers from screen printing days. Start with stretching across the middle, stapling at the middle central points along each edge. Step by step stretching and stapling along, always at each side in turn. At the corners I created a hospital bed corner, folding under. Finish by masking taping the fabric edges down to the frame for a tidier finish.

Denim Pocket Storage
Denim Pocket Storage

Thanks for all those who took the time to read and comment last week to help me identify my Unique Selling Point for my social media course. It was really helpful and I am very grateful. The course continues to be really interesting, just wishing I had more time to give to it:)

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31 thoughts on “Upcycling & Recycling Denim”

  1. jeans are such versatile things to recycle aren’t they, denim always looks great even when its old and worn 🙂

    Your baskets are really cute and v practical too. The storage pockets are such a fun idea! 🙂

  2. I love, love, love the denim pockets on canvas – that’s so cute! I will definitely be doing that with the next few pairs of jeans my hubby decides are for the bin 🙂 Simmi x

  3. I’ve had some old jeans sitting around for a while, not knowing what to do with them. These are some good ideas 🙂

  4. Two brilliant ideas / makes – especially as I have a pair of my sons old jeans waiting for me right now, if only I didn’t have to go to work!!! have a good week, Jo x

  5. I’m going to be jumping for joy the next time a pair of jeans dies on me – I know what I’ll be making!

  6. Wow. I’ve never seen jeans pockets up cycled like that before. Great stuff! (I’ve popped in from pinaddicts 🙂 ) x

  7. Eeep Vicky! I LOVE this! I’m denim crazy (slightly stuck in a 90’s time warp..) what a COOL idea. Totally pinning 🙂 Thanks for entering the pinaddicts challenge! Kerry x


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