Upcycling E Book Submission

A few weeks bag I spotted a wonderful opportunity shared by Katherine over on Pillow A-la-mode – the chance to be published in an upcycling e-book with Altered Upcycling. I am really excited about this chance:)

Recycled Bag Book Submission

I have decided to submit my jacket bag tutorial for submission, it is my most viewed and pinned tutorial. This week a rewrite has taken place. The principle alterations were to change the text into bullet point steps. I have to  admit to being surprised that my writing has improved in the last 9 months 🙂

Thanks to Hilary over UKCraftBlog for the tip of relooking at older blog posts:)


The rest of the week seems to have been absorbed in cutting out projects, with very little sewing!!!

Plus the contemplation re wordpress.com versus wordpress.org continues. When I started to write a blog I had no idea about blogging, had hardly ever read any of the wonderful bloggers out their… you get the picture!!

I started blogging as a tool to promote my etsy shop, on this level I have failed!! Personally I think that would be a bit of a boring read!!  Why do I blog now? Simply because it keeps me going, creating, after all I need something to blog about!!

Have you migrated from one to the other? What do you recommend? I appreciate that if I am going to do it the sooner the better.

Have a good week, with room for creativity:)


10 thoughts on “Upcycling E Book Submission”

  1. It would be really cool to have your project published. I hope it’s accepted. I paid the $18 to get my domain name and haven’t noticed the difference. It’s just easier to write the name of my blog without the “WordPress” part in it.

    • It would be great to be published:) Interesting that you have not noticed much difference paying the $18, I think transferring to wordpress.org could add up, but if I end up with a cleaner finish, with floating Pin It buttons, if you like this post you might like this post, google analytics etc.. it may be worth it???

      • The Pin It buttons might be worth it. I get some hits from people through Pinterest but only because I pin my photos to my page. The connectivity to other social media sites is really helpful. I haven’t really looked at WordPress.org, though.

  2. Love your jacket bag – fingers crossed it gets published. I can’t advise on the blog differences, as I don’t use any of the main blog sites – my weebly based website had its own blog facility, don’t know if I’m missing out on anything, but I’m happy with it for now.


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