DIY Upcycled Pallet Christmas Tree

Are you still trimming up? We finished yesterday – the final touched an upcycled pallet Christmas tree for the front porch. Our porch is often neglected, and not very welcoming. I was determined to give it a little personality for the Christmas season. We have an old pallet waiting to be transformed, so this is the ideal opportunity.

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree.. A fun take on the traditional Christmas Tree, break the tradition and have a recycled tree – Easy to follow tutorial!

DIY Upcycled Pallet Christmas Tree


Start by sanding then painting it white with Rustoleum chalk paint. Once dry sand to bring back some of the wood.

Sanding pallet

Next have a consultation period as to whether to have the tree white or green, our consensus decided on a white tree. Create a tree shape out of newspaper to act as a mask.

Christmas Tree Paper Mask

Using temporary craft spray glue place the paper tree onto the pallet. Spray painted the surround with green paint (left over from the round cake tins I created earlier in the year), and once dry carefully removed the paper mask.

Spray Paint the background

The green paint I used has a gloss finish which contrasts with the chalk paint, to remove some of the sheen I did a further quick sand.

The project was super quick and easy to do, all that is required is some decorations.

Rustic Fabric Christmas Decorations

I made some rustic fabric decorations to compliment the wood and hung on nails. If you would love to see how the decorations are made there is a tutorial here.

Rustic Christmas Tree deocrations - hearts

If you love pallets as much as we do;

If you would love to see how the decorations are made there is a tutorial here.

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