Upcycled Bottle Bag

This week has been busy writing guest posts and magazine articles. My research reminded me of the shocking amount of fabric that geos to landfill.

The ‘Valuing our clothes’ report from Wrap includes news that around 350,000 tonnes (31%) of used clothing out of a total of 1.13 million tonnes are sent to landfill. There are so many different uses for used clothing, reusing as clothing, recreating in to new items – even as simple as your household cloths, or using as packaging.

My new ranges are perfect for fabric scraps, hence avoiding land fill:)

Fabric Flower Tutorial
Fabric Flower Tutorial
Fabric Hair Slides
Fabric Hair Slides

To make you own fabric flower corsage check out my tutorial here.

To make your own shirt sleeve upcycled bottle bag your will need a long sleeves shirt, some ribbon and preferably a sewing machine.


Cut your shirt sleeve to length 34cm


Stitch along the bottom.


Fold the fabric in half, pin and stitch like this.


This creates a rectangle shape at the bottom for the bottle to sit in. Place your bottle inside and tie with a ribbon.

Recycled Bottle Bag
Shirt Sleeve Bottle Bag

This week I will be busy adding my new ranges to my Etsy shop. I know a lot of makers have been super organised and working on Christmas for a few months now, but it still seemed a bit early for me!

As usual I am stopping by Handmade Harbour, hope you have a had a good creative week:)


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  1. Love that!

    I rarely buy new fabrics. I have a box full of old clothes, curtains and bedding that people kindly give me. There is something really satisfying about giving old things a new lease of life.


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