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February 15, 2015

This week I have been working away at my Etsy shop, updating and editing items for sale.

I have joined up to Thrive over at Etsy Preneurship ” I care about you and your business and I genuinely want to see you and your business thrive!  I will provide you the tips, tools, and know-how you need to help your Etsy shop thrive! ”

Of course it is all well and good to pay for some advice, but it is another thing to find the time to implement it!! The first couple of months have been focussing on Search Engine Optimization, creating titles, descriptions and tags in order for your items to appear high up in search results.

Green knitting needle case

Naturally this does not inevitably mean more sales, but it certainly increases the chances! I am gradually working my way through each section, updating as I go. For example my knitting needle cases are now tagged to appear under knitting needle organizer too:)

The photography remains a bug bear of mine, I find it so frustrating that it does not come naturally.  This is not helped by the fact I would rather be sewing than playing around with different settings to see how to improve the image! Any photography tips appreciated:)

Burgundy wool bag


Inevitably I have become distracted and just HAD to sew up some new items!!

Blue wool bag

What do you think? I have been aiming at using fabric from my stash, and creating small cute bags:)

Plus the eagle eyed will notice a new button to the side – sign up to my newsletter and you gain a voucher for money off at my shop. I am so delighted to have set this up, it has been on the to do list for far too long!!





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14 responses to “Etsy update”

  1. Ali says:

    Your bags are gorgeous. I love the flowers on the front. Photography is a nightmare, especially when the weather is dull. I have found that my new phone takes much better photo’s than the expensive camera I asked for OH to buy. Unbelievably the colours come out perfectly and no fiddling.
    The button for your shop is great idea.
    Ali xx
    Ali recently posted…HEDGING MY BETSMy Profile

  2. Jill says:

    Lovely bags Vicky! I always admire your photos – but I guess there’s always more to learn. Good luck with your continuing learning and growth of your etsy shop!
    Jill recently posted…A Round Tuit 245My Profile

  3. Josie says:

    I really resent the time it takes me to get a half decent picture, it certainly doesn’t come naturally to me either. Your page however looks great, I find ICT as tiresome as photography!
    Josie recently posted…SewforSoul DIY Printed Candles – Featured at Profile

  4. Suze Bain says:

    Your bags are lovely Vicky, are they tweed? Your photos look good to me, the problem I have is getting true colours, a daylight lamp does help. Xx
    Suze Bain recently posted…I hate zips!My Profile

  5. Ginny says:

    I think your photos are great. I love the bucket bags. I like the fiddling around with photos, though find it a bit frustrating this time of year if the light is not good.
    Ginny recently posted…Non Cook Raspberry FudgeMy Profile

  6. Caroline says:

    Love the bags. I have a really good book for taking pic’s and have found it brilliant: the crafters guide to taking great photos by Heidi Adnum may be worth a purchase.

  7. Lucy Blossom says:

    I love your little bags, I have so much to do to improve my shop but finding the time is so tricky.
    Lucy Blossom recently posted…Handmade Monday – 4 (The circus comes to town)My Profile

  8. Poppy says:

    I think your photography is fantastic. I know what you mean about it being a chore though. I am really working on my Etsy shop at the moment too. I love my little Etsy shop and really want to do well x

  9. Vicky says:

    I love these bags Vicky, and the photography looks good to me! I struggle to get mine spot on but I think it could almost detract from the ‘handmade’ message if photos are too glossy and corporate looking! 🙂

  10. Gertie says:

    I must admit I’m hopeless when it comes to photography too. Thankfully it’s Mr Gertie’s hobby so I let him take care of that side of things.

    One book you might find useful is ‘Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos: Fool-Proof Techniques to Make Your Handmade Creations Shine On’.

    Your bags are gorgeous xx
    Gertie recently posted…A round up of the newsMy Profile

  11. Knitnrun4sanity says:

    I have no doubt that the time you are taking to lay foundations will pay dividends later. Great flowers.xx

  12. Your bags are so cute! Fantastic photos too, i don’t think you have anything to worry about there 🙂 I will be interested to hear how you get on with thrive and if the tips do help with sales x

  13. Emma says:

    I find photography the hardest element of blogging so I’m afraid I can’t really give advice. I would just say try and use natural daylight as much as possible as I’ve noticed it helps the colours of the object look a bit closer to normal! Certainly the photos in the post are looking very professional! x
    Emma recently posted…Granny Stripe BlanketMy Profile

  14. I think your photos are already very good! I agree that all the ‘business admin’ stuff is often too distracting from actually making things! I have found myself spending more time reading what I could do rather than doing it lately! I do find you can get good pics on an iphone using camera+ – the part I hate is setting the scene – getting out a white cloth etc and getting props or a lightbox set up. The actual computer manipulation of the photo I quite enjoy!
    Patchwork Fairy recently posted…Simply Crochet Poncho!My Profile

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