15 Free leather purse patterns

Who doesn’t love a leather bag, or a quality faux leather?! These fabulous patterns and tutorials will give you some top tips for sewing with leather. How about stunning friends and family with stylish leather purses?

Learn how to sew your own stylish leather purses with this great selection of leather bag patterns

I have gathered free leather purse patterns for you to enjoy, endeavouring to source a wide range of styles for you to choose from. If you fancy stretching yourself further there are many printable PDF patterns for sale on Etsy (affiliate link).

Where to source leather?

Do not have any leather in your stash? No worries. I was fortunate to pick up leather from a car boot sale (I suspect the equivalent of a yard sale in the US). How about upcycling? Source old leather jackets from second-hand websites/thrift shops or even old sofas! Alternative fabric shops now regularly sell leather, such as Joanna’s in the US and Minerva crafts in the UK.

Tips for sewing leather on a domestic sewing machine

  • Use a leather needle in your sewing machine
  • Lengthen your stitch length, I suggest 3.5 or longer
  • Difficulty feeding through your machine? Try a Teflon foot, or a walking foot, or tissue paper next to your feed dogs (you can rip this away later)
  • Strong thread such as a top stitch thread

15 Leather Purse Patterns

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