Try something new – chalk paints


This months try something new is chalk paint. I recently joined a group on Facebook called Re-Loved and been inspired by some great upcycled of furniture. This of course completely fits in with me:)

Its somewhat surprising I have not tried chalk paint before, after a little deliberation about making my own versus buying I decided to start with I would buy some small pots to see how I got on. The first project is my tots table – we have just moved furniture round and bought the 8 year old a proper desk (charity shop of course) and passed on the toddler table to the tot.

Toddlers desk


He felt a little left out with his pass me down furniture so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to have a go at some upcycling.

Toddlers table

He chose a blue top and white legs. For my first go I was a little disappointed as I was hoping for an even colour, however I was delighted at how quick it was to cover.

My second project was to repaint a chest of drawers, surplus to requirements. I thought I would give it a bit of love and sell on Ebay. therefore I needed a higher level of finish!

stained chest of drawers

This is five coats of chalk paint, with stain coming through… I had two choices, give up or strip back to the wood. My daughter helped me, which was lovely.

stripped top


This time I did not skip any stages! Sugar soap first, two coats of wood primer, followed by three coats of chalk paint. Job done!!

Chalk Paint chest of drawers

I doubt it will be worth my time in terms of sale value. But it is worth it in terms of job satisfaction, and learning a new skill:)

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8 thoughts on “Try something new – chalk paints”

  1. Lovely to see that you are happy with the final product hun, after all your hard work.
    Silly question, but what is the difference between normal paint & chalk paint?
    Happy Easter Vicky! xx

  2. I’m keen to try chalk paint myself. It gives such a lovely soft effect. I’ve heard you can use it on upholstery too- I was very nearly tempted to give my sofa a revamp, but decided against it in the end!

  3. I got confused at first, as I had not heard of chalk paint. My daughter has a section of wall painted in black paint that makes it a chalkboard that she can write on. When I read the title I thought you were creating furniture for your children to chalk on. So I have learned something new. Your final results look lovely.

  4. I had never heard of chalk paint, but did some research after reading this post and I think it’s something I want to try. It really looks great on furniture!

  5. Great result even if it took a bit of a trial and tribulation to get there. I really like the blue colour on the table as well.


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