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Transforming rust covered bathroom cabinet #pintyplus

Quickly following on re our bathroom transformation (you may have missed my decluttering post, find it here) my husband was keen to replace the bathroom shelving unit due to the level of rust. I have to agree once cleared I could see the true condition of the shelving unit which desperately needed a little tender loving care or replacing.


As a pinty plus ambassador for Novasol Spray UK, I fired off a quick email and asked for advice.

“I would start by sanding down the surface to remove rust and any loose paint/surface coating

You definitely need a metal primer to seal the rust and prepare the surface. I suggest this…
And I would follow with a paint from either the Basic or Evolution range as they are most durable in damp conditions.”
You can imagine my delight to discover that all was not lost, no landfill for my unit!

How to revive your rust covered furniture


Start with sanding any loose rust, then thoroughly cleaning the item.
Spray with primer, allow to fully dry.
Lightly spray your item with a moisture resistant spray – I used basic acrylic, broken white colour.
Shake the can vigorously and spray from several directions several light coats to prevent drips.
Once fully dry return the item to its rightful home.
Thought you might appreciate this closeup – I have not sealed with any varnish. I am not sure whether the spray paint will chip or not but for now, I am very impressed with the results.
Have you ever spray painted rusted items? Has the spray held up over time?
I was provided with the pinty plus spray for free, all opinions are my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.