Thrifty bathroom update #2

Do you remember my small toilet update? It wasn’t quite finished, needing a hand towel and mirror to finish the look.

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I picked up this mirror in a charity shop. I have been planning on trying my hand at chalk painting some fabric for some time. This was an ideal project to have a go.


It was easier than anticipated to ease the back off and remove the mirror. Having read a few how to blog posts I watered down the chalk paint and simply painted the fabric. If you have a go its really easy – you let the first coat dry, sand the fabric and paint again.


My fabric took three coats of chalk paint. I’m delighted with the new to me mirror.


Next up a copper hand towel. My natural instinct was to google some tutorials, buy the parts and have a go at welding. But there comes a point where I stop and think, surely I should support a fellow crafts person and buy a handmade towel rail? It was certainly cheaper to buy one than buy a heat source for welding!!!


I bought this gorgeous hand towel from HomeCrush, they have a lovely website here where you can find a variety of products with an industrial feel. Zoe kindly responded to my request for a custom order, for a rail which fitted into our space.

Lastly I made some soap – you may remember I make kitchen soap with coffee granuals. It seemed about time to to make suitable soap for the bathrooms. I followed a tutorial for the magazine Reloved using the same essential oils as for the reed diffuser.


It seemed ever so soft, I was concerned that as I had to pour into a mold before it reached trace point (we had to go out) but is has cured well, phew!


Finally one finished thrifty bathroom update.  We have plans to try and modernise the living room, on the cheap!!


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  1. Thanks Vicky, I had absolutely no idea you could paint fabric with chalk paint. Thanks so much for sharing that fabulous gem of information…..and your bathroom makeover is perfect!


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