Zero Waste Week 2014

Zero Waste Week draws to a conclusion tomorrow. I have really enjoyed the week, it’s been lots of fun and I have met some great people on twitter, and read some thought provoking blog posts. But has it been worth it? Have I changed my ways on a longer term basis?? As a result of thinking … Read more

Zero Waste Week 2014 – Plastic wrapping

Yesterday I shared my menu plan for zero waste week 2014. The next step is to check out what I can recycle locally, in particular plastic wrapping. Sadly there is a large list of the items I cannot put in our recycling bin: NO THANKS! Things you CAN’T put in your green bin are: plastic … Read more

Zero Waste Week 2014 – Menu Plan

Here in the UK zero waste week 2014 started yesterday, and I have signed up!! Yikes – I am being completely realistic in that inevitable items will end up in the bin, but I am going to make small achievable steps to reduce this. My pledge is menu plan to reduce food waste. As part … Read more