Bloggers Cocktail Party #EABloggerparty

Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me – for the first time ever I have attended a cocktail party:) I harked back to my late teens and decided to stay safe and stick with vodka! After much consideration I decided my new black dress required an outing, and made myself a clutch … Read more vs

A glass or two of wine later and I appear to have made a rash purchase of my own domain name – EEEEK!   As regular readers know I have been contemplating the step of moving from to for  a while. The realisation that I am now getting visitors from google search engines, therefore if … Read more

Upcycling E Book Submission

A few weeks bag I spotted a wonderful opportunity shared by Katherine over on Pillow A-la-mode – the chance to be published in an upcycling e-book with Altered Upcycling. I am really excited about this chance:) I have decided to submit my jacket bag tutorial for submission, it is my most viewed and pinned tutorial. This … Read more