Succulent Planter DIY


Are you a succulent fan? I am – they seem the best option for me, I’m not particularly good at remembering to water indoor houseplants! So the next question what design of planter to use? I love a DIY project and particularly enjoy something a little different – introducing you to my cake stand planter made from a teapot, cup and plate, a perfect DIY succulent planter.



Make a succulent table centerpiece with former crockery, to make a fabulous upcycled indoor DIY planter #DIYsucculentplanter #indoorplanter

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Succulent Planter DIY

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To be totally honest I spotted this cake stand pre-made in a charity shop and fell in love with it. To make your own drill a hole in the middle of each piece of crockery. This video has great tips for drilling through china.

Clean your china thoroughly and allow to dry. It’s time to spray with chalk paint, I have used Pinty Plus Basics satin white.

Follow the instructions carefully, it is often best to shake the tin thoroughly, hold twenty centimetres away and spray a light coat.

Gradually build up layers of spray paint. My set took four coats to fully cover the design.

Once your ceramics are fully dry its time to plant pot up, starting with the base layer.

Start by inserting the first tier of the metal stand then add succulent soil, before adding in your plants.

Add your next layer of ceramic, and the metal support. Add succulent soil before adding in your plants.

Once you have finished your three layers, brush any soil ff your plants gently with a paint brush.

Lightly spray with water. 

learn how to make a fabulous upcycled indoor DIY planter, this vertical planter is made from old upcycled crockery #DIYsucculentplanter #indoorplanter


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