So Sew Easy Cowl Neck Top

I mentioned last week that on my WIP was a top for myself. It’s been a tricky week in our household, which I have found rather stressful. By the time Friday arrived I felt ready to treat myself and whip up this top ready for a girls night in Saturday evening:)

The top is a cowl neck top pattern is from Sew So Easy. It comes with two different sleeve lengths plus sleeveless, so perfect for every season.


I was super organized for once and prewashed the fabric, and already had the fabric printed ready to cut out pattern pieces. Having a serger/overlocker means I am feel far more confident about sewing with knit fabrics. I have limited thread choice, with only two different green threads. I popped over to the Sew So Easy Facebook group to ask advice re threading the serger and the placement of the two green threads. Too eager to start I failed to wait for an answer I therefore decided to only change the left needle to green and cracked on with sewing. The seams to have worked fine with the one green thread and the rest black. In case you are interested I received conflicting advice re the threads, some people advised changing both needles, others the first and third threads.

The top was super easy to sew up, taking less than an hour – the pattern instructions comes with a link to a you tube video which was extremely helpful for working out how the cowl neck stitched together.

When it comes to hemming knits I am still doing this by hand, although next time I will invest in a twin stretch needle,  fit the walking foot to my normal machine and attempt a machine finish.

I am slightly disappointed with the shoulder fit:

Shoulder Fit

Any suggestions re the shoulder gratefully appreciated:)

So Sew Easy Cowl neck top vickymyerscreations


Overall I am delighted with my new top – I love for me an unusual choice of fabric.  I suspect I will be making many more. Do you have a favourite top pattern?

I had a lovely relaxing night in with girlfriends, drinking wine, eating takeaway and chewing the cud.. very relaxing:) Have a good week:)






12 thoughts on “So Sew Easy Cowl Neck Top”

  1. Hi Vicky, it’s really a lovely top you have created. The fabric and the style is so becoming. I have never sewn with a serger before so I can’t give you any tips. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. My best to you 🙂

  2. What a super top. Love the neckline and the pattern and colour of the fabric. I am always a bit nervous with stretch fabric. You have done a great job.

  3. Easy, oh my goodness, a cowl top looks incredibly difficult to me, but what do i know as a non sewer, and with sewing phobia lol, your top looks amazing though, and im impressed that you could whip it up so quickly! x

  4. The top looks great, what a lovely print. I’m so impressed with your pre planning! I would wear and wash the top a few times before attempting any sort of change on the shoulder, sometimes a stretchy fabric just seems to settle down. If you are still not happy then you could try adjusting the seam but really I think you are possibly being a teeny bit over critical of your work, it looks good on you.

  5. I love the fabric – very hippyish! It’s an interesting shape too, not one I would have made but after seeing yours I think it looks very good. I have an Overlocker and find it often gets some of the threads caught up at the beginning which then pull the seam slightly out. Mine drives me mad all the time as it seems to need a lot of attention to make the loopers etc sit right on different fabrics!

  6. Love the top and find using knits on the overlocker a pure joy and so quick. The should I would cut the fabric down a bit so more fitted than stretch, if you get my drift


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