Sewing for a golfer – DIY golf gift

golf bag - golf balls and teesIt is so easy to spend time on Pinterest browsing many lovely ideas and creations. When I questioned my daughter re her teacher and a suitable gift she stated all he talks about is golf in a ugh how boring way. Just visualise a nine year old practicing to be a teenager. Pinterest had limited ideas for sewing for a golfer!! But I did spot a bag similar to this. I decided to borrow the idea, adding in a zip pocket for mobile phone and car keys,

Zip pocket for keys - mans gift

Naturally I reached into my stash for fabric. I found a lovely khaki linen skirt and cotton blouse, perfect for the project. The khaki is complimented with a burgundy zip and bias binding.

Sew a golf gift

If you too have a golfer to sew for this is how to make the bag.

You will need:

Main fabric

Main bag 30 by 24 cm twice

Front zip pocket, two pieces –  18 by 24cm and 3.5 by 24cm

Tee pocket 31 * 12cm


Main bag 30 by 24 cm twice

Front zip pocket 18 * 24cm

Iron on interfacing

2 pieces for main bag

Front zip pocket 18 * 24cm

1 zip 24cm

Bias binding 80cm

Drawstring 120cm

To make:

Start by ironing on all pieces of interfacing to reverse of main fabric

Fold a piece of bias binding 31cm long in half. Place edge of tee pocket fabric inside the bias binding and stitch into place. This encloses the raw edge of the tee pocket.

Place centrally along the zip pocket piece with the bottom raw edges matching. Sew down this central line.

Creating tee pockets

Place a tee in and bunch the fabric up to make a tee pocket, mark with pins. Sew into place. Continue until you have a complete row of tee pockets.

Tee pockets

Place zip pocket lining wrong side down, then the zip, then place pocket front (with tee pockets) right side down (facing the right side of the lining). Pin and tack into place.

Create zip pocket

Stitch. Open out, press fabric away from the zip and top stitch. This prevents any fabric becoming caught up in the zip.

Next you are going to enclose the other side of the zip. Fold in half and press the fabric piece 3.5cm by 24cm, open out and then press the raw edges in.

encase top of zip

Enclose your zip edge. Pin, tack and then sew – I normally skip tacking but after three attempts with just pins today I suggest tacking first, I wish I had!

Place this zip pocket onto the main body of the bag, bottom of each aligned. Pin into place. Top stitch the top of the zipper pocket across the main bag. Baste stitch the other sides of this zipper pocket.

pin top of zip into place

Place the right sides of the main bag together. Stitch the three sides leaving the top open.

Place the right sides of the lining together and repeat. Take care to leave a stretch unstitched along the bottom ready for turning out.

lining fabric

Place the two bags together. Right sides facing each other.

place two bags inside each other

Stitch along the top of the bag. Turn right sides out. Press this top seam. Top stitch along the top of the bag. Slip stitch together your lining along the turning seam.

Final steps!! Using bias binding you are going to create the pocket for the drawstring. Cut two pieces of bias binding 21cm long. Neatly turn in the raw edges and hand stitch to secure.

Place the bias binding a cm down from the top of the bag and tack into place. Be careful to ensure your lining lies nice and flat. Do this for the front and back of the bag stitch into place creating a tube for the drawstrings.

Bias binding pocket for drawstring

Using a safety pin thread the drawstring through these pockets and knot the two ends together. Repeat with the drawstring going in the opposite direction.

DIY Golf Gift

Here’s hoping the teacher likes it.





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  1. Just brilliant Vicky! I love this little custom made bag – I’m sure the teacher will love a gift made with so much thought! Great tutorial too.

  2. awesome vicky and it was a nice bag ,and in this it is clearly written that how to make this golf bag this is great even a child can understand how to make it .keep doing it wish you a great future and have a great day
    thanks ,vicky god bless you


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