Sunday catch up – a day late!

Anyone would think it was a bank holiday! Here’s hoping Handmade Harbour link party is still open..

I’ve had a productive week, yeah!! I have finished my daughters dress… sadly the finished result does not fit, the straps keep falling down, despite taking in the sides by a good inch. I suspect it will be shelved until my Mum next visits, Amy and I are confident she has a rescuing idea (you are forewarned Mum!).


I have been working on research re my bags business, if you fancy spending ten minutes filling in a ten question questionnaire I would be very grateful:) The plan is to identify blogs potential customers visit. I have also been working on setting up a Newsletter – this remains a work in progress (or should I say the test e-mail does not work… need to find the one box I have not ticked).


Finally I have been working on tidying up my sewing room, in particular the windowsill. This has led to a whole new product range (as I said a productive week),

Denim Upcycled Brooches

Introducing denim upcycled brooches. Perfect for jazzing up any outfit or bag.

Upcycled Denim Brooch
Denim Brooch

These are listed in my Etsy shop. As I still had a lot of fabric left I have also made a few more of my popular flower brooches.

Scrap fabric flower brooches
Fabric Flower Brooches

Now I just need a craft fair to attend, plus a few more brooch pins! Sadly the windowsill remains a work in progress, I had no idea how much fabric was stored.  I am off to whip up some denim baskets to keep on it, for storing different colours of fabric scraps:)

I hope you have had a productive week:)



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11 thoughts on “Sunday catch up – a day late!”

  1. They are lovely, I’m sure your daughter’s dress will be easily fixable (mum’s are the best at that sort of thing, aren’t they?) I love your denim brooches too.

  2. Phew it was a productive week. Not being a dressmaker but would moving the straps further in help? Hope you have another week as productive.xx

    • I think moving the straps would help:) reluctant to take apart if it’s not quite enough to make it work!

  3. I think moving the straps inwards at the back or the front would work as I have hD same problem. The denim broaches are lovely – they look a bit like my Quillie rolls and makes me think that denim rolls would make an interesting rug/mat too and would be hard wearing! X

  4. Love the brooches.

    I’ve now got my mum’s old sewing machine…I just now need to find some local lessons to work out how to use it, although my OH will despair with the fabric that will then appear


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