Bag Pattern Review for Charmed-Liebling

September 15, 2013
Bag Pattern Review

Charmed Liebling Bag Pattern review

Recently I have taken part in bag pattern testing for Anna over at Charmed Liebling , making this laptop bag.

A bit of a challenge to work off a comprehensive pattern, but I am very delighted with the result! Admittedly I didn’t follow all the steps in the right order, and failed to source a twist lock in the time framework (OK I admit it I left it too late to order one on the internet and the local shops didn’t have one in!!!)

Bag Pattern Review

I found the instructions well written, and clear to follow. Having never used a PDF pattern before I particularly appreciated the 2.5cm square to check the pattern is printed to the correct size – mine wasn’t the first time so your hints about how to set the printer sorted it out.


I usually avoid piping but was encouraged by Anna to give it a go. I think she is right, it finishes the bag professionally and is well worth the effort.  I used my zipper foot, although if I was to sew piping regularly I would definitely invest in a piping foot). The pattern included clear instructions how to sew the piping with a pattern foot.

Bag Pockets

The bag has four pockets, including a zip closing pocket ( I am getting over my fear of zips!).

Bag Pattern review

Laptop Messenger Bag

If you decide to make your own bag here are some helpful tips for sewing through thick layers of fabric; select the right size sharp needle, use a larger stitch setting and sew slowly. This will help your machine cope. Sadly my machine was unable to cope with sewing the final top layer of stitching the lining and the bag.

I enjoyed the opportunity, I found myself stretched and learnt quite a bit making the bag:)

If you fancy making one yourself the pattern is available from her Etsy shop, and to see it made in a variety of fabrics check out here. I love this because a design can be completely transformed with different fabrics.

As usual I am popping over to handmade harbour to see what other people have been up to this week:) This is blog number three in a row – I’m aiming for seven days in a row to celebrate having my own domain name… can I make it?! Why not pop by and see:)


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22 responses to “Bag Pattern Review for Charmed-Liebling”

  1. Emma says:

    What can I say piping and a zip in the same project – I am impressed!! X

    • Amylouise5 says:

      Cheers:) I have to admit my heart sank when I realised (nothing to do with leaving it till the last minute you understand!) but the instructions were so well written it was OK!

  2. Great colour choice. It looks like a really fab project…congratulations on your domain name and good luck with your self imposed challenge. 🙂

  3. Joan says:

    The bag looks really good. It may be worth picking up an old sewing machine, some metal frame ones, even Singer hand cranks can cope with thick fabrics. Necchi Supernova Automatica and Julia can sew through many layers of leather no problem. 🙂

    • Amylouise5 says:

      Thanks Katherine, I have added it to my Etsy shop – slowly creeping up to the recommended 100 items in stock!! If I ever get there I will truly find out if it makes a big difference in the number of views of items!! Vicky

  4. The bag looks really professional and stylish, and I love the fabric you’ve used. The piping really does finish it off nicely.

  5. Ginny says:

    Your bag looks incredibly smart, and I love the colour too.

  6. Amylouise5 says:

    Thank you, have to admit red is my favourite colour:)

  7. CatkinJane says:

    Looks a great bag.
    It sounds good that the pattern gives hints and tips on how to tackle possible problems, I have several books whose idea of instructions is nearer to “make up bag”!!

  8. Leeanne says:

    Well done on giving it a go. It really is a lovely bag and is sure to be useful.

  9. I find it useful to see how someone else made something I’m planning to make. Picking up tips etc.
    Congratulations on having your own domain name.

  10. It’s lovely, I don’t like doing either zips or piping but I must admit it does make a difference. I love the shape of the flap.

    Jan x

  11. Thanks for the review! I’m needing a laptop back, so I’ll definitely keep this one in mind!

  12. This is a gorgeous project! The piping really does give it the edge (if you’ll pardeon the pun!) One of my friends who makes leather and fabric bags has a state of the art sewing machine for her normal work and an old singer treadle machine set up specifically for her leather / thicker work – maybe that’s the way forward for you too if it’s a regular occurence? They’re on our local Freecycle all the time, check yours out too!

  13. What a lush fabric you have used for the bag and I agree that the piping finishes it off very professionaly. Looks great.

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