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Sew your own beetle shorts, create your own shorts pattern (sponsored by Volkswagen)

Sew your own beetle shorts, create your own shorts pattern (sponsored by Volkswagen)

It’s autumn – the time of year where we normally dig out the long trousers, however my son is clinging on to shorts for as long as he can. Can you ever have enough shorts? Today I am going to show you how to transform a former garment into a new pair of shorts, complete with Beetle patch on the pocket.

My son loves shorts (he loves to get away with as little clothing as possible!).


I was delighted when my husband passed on some of his shorts ready to be transformed into something new. They are ideal for making my son a pair.

To create your own shorts you will need a former garment with adequate fabric, a pair of shorts the correct size to use as a pattern, complimentary fabric, bondaweb, elastic and two buttons.


Lay out the shorts on top of your fabric as a template. I have placed mine with hem lines and outer side seams aligned. This saves you sewing the hem or outer seams. Add a seam allowance then, cut the inner seam on your fabric. Ensure you allow for gathering along the waist by pulling out the elasticated waistline of the pattern shorts.


Repeat for the other side of the shorts.

Cut out a waist band. I was just able to squeeze this out of the remaining fabric, mine measured approximately 5cm in depth.

Cut out a back pocket, suitably sized for the shorts you are making. Iron over a double fold and stitch in place for the top of the pocket.


Print out the Beetle car design. Iron bondaweb onto four scrap fabrics, one for the main Beetle, one for the windows and one for tyres. Peel the paper off the bondaweb.


Roughly cut out shape of window and inner tyres. Place your design over the main car fabric and cut out, repeat for the tyres. I recommend a craft knife.


Finally cut out your two wheels. Layer up the design on the right side of the pocket and iron to adhere the layers to the pocket.


Machine stitch the details of the Beetle.

Turn the pocket to the wrong. Fold in and press the seams for the sides and bottom. Place the pocket onto one of your pattern pieces. Consider seam allowance when placing. Pin and then stitch into place.


Fold the trouser leg right sides together. Stitch the inside leg seam. Repeat for the second leg.


Turn one leg right side out. Place this leg inside the other and align the crotch seam. Pin and stitch the crotch seam.


Turn the shorts right side out.


You‘re nearly there. Stitch the waistband into a continuous circle. Check the size against your shorts.


Fold in half wrong sides together and press. Insert the elastic and pin into the waistband. Place the right sides together onto the shorts.


Stitch in place.

You’re done – personally I think they are rather cool.


By using a former garment you are reusing fabric, saving the environment, saving time by utilising seams and hems from the original garment and you are saving money. I suspect I need to whip a few more pairs for my son (he refused to take them off. Result!

This post is sponsored by Volkswagen – check out other recycled and or car related tutorials by fellow bloggers on the Volkswagen collaborative Pinterest board “DIY Bloggers for Volkswagen“.





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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.