Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Winner

The winner is….

Lindsay Hindman

Lindsay congratulations, an e-mail is on it’s way to you:)

Lindsay stated the reason she revisits blogs is “I come back to blogs that have lots of tutorials and pictures I want to come back to! I save a lot of ideas on Pinterest, and will revisit them from time to time to see what other great ideas the blogger has come up with since then!”


I loved reading so many comments about what engages people in blogs.. Here’s a summary of the 160 comments

Tutorials came out top, some people preferring simplistic, others finding basic tutorials irritating!:

Close second is good photograph; clear, showing details and of a reasonable size.

However a lot of you want to feel a connection with the blogger, that they share mistakes, and some of their normal life.

I have really enjoyed reading peoples thoughts. It will be interesting to see whether over the coming months it changes the content of my blog. I suspect prior to this I would not have shared this picture of my tot.


it made me think about why I revisit blogs, Sara left this comment which sums up how I feel:

” I like a really clean uncluttered look, with good quality photos. I like to see that a blogger has a cohesive style and good sewing technique. I also like to see that they have other interests – design, children, screen printing, green living, etc.” sara from

Finally an enormous big welcome to my new Bloglovin followers 🙂 Delighted that there are some fellow folks interested in upcycling and reusing.



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