Scoop Pinafore Pattern Review, what can you make with four pairs of jeans?

Personally, I find winter quite tricky, it seems to go on forever. I know that getting outdoors, fresh air, the sound of the sea all help. So does sewing. There is lots of evidence about how good sewing is for your mental health. This is my excuse for treating myself to a new pattern, the newly released Scoop Pinafore from Sew Different.

The pattern is available to purchase either as a download or as a PDF. I am too impatient to wait for a printed copy in the post so I faced father-in-laws inevitable complaints that I had broken his PC by using his printer!!

I have sewn the pinafore up twice within a couple of week’s.

Love pinafores? Then this pattern is for you - customize with funky fabric for the pockets or keep it simple. The pattern is the Scoop Pinafore by Sew Different, read more in my pattern review #sewapinaforedress #patternreview

Scoop Pinafore Pattern Review

The pattern is 29 pages to print, coming in a fabulous range of sizes from UK 8-26 (US 4-22).

It helpfully advises that it is designed for the height 5’9”, as I am 6’ I added 3” to the front and back pattern pieces.

The pattern, once cut out, sews up in a mere two hours.

I did find myself scratching my head at times re the side panels and pockets pieces – in the end, I told my head to quieten down, to logically follow the instructions step by step. After all, I don’t need to understand how it is coming together/working. Laura has done the hard work, she has created a pattern which when followed works out perfectly!

Having seen a few versions of the scoop pinafore on instagram I choose different fabrics for the side and bottom panels. The main fabric is from Cool Crafting, the accent fabrics from my stash.

Now I have to admit I never thought a pinafore dress would suit my body shape, but I think it looks great when I have good posture (a work in progress, let’s hope the time invested in Pilates classes works out!).

Having made the pattern once you may be tempted to sew it a second time.

Recycled Jeans Scoop Pinafore Dress

Fancy making the scoop pinafore from old jeans? You can make the scoop pinafore from four pairs of jeans. Look for jeans where the outside seam is straight, so that when you fold it out the leg fabric lies flat.

Prep jeans, cut the hem off, cut just below your back pocket across. The length of the leg needs to be long enough for the main front piece. Cut along the inside trouser seam.

Fold your denim trouser leg out. Pin the front pattern piece following the grain of the denim parallel to the inside trouser seam, adding a seam allowance (this piece is usually cut it on a fold but we are piecing two trouser legs together).

Use the back of the trouser leg as this has less wear and tear on the fabric, particularly around the knees.

Fold the pattern piece down for the straps, out of the way. I have added as much length as I can due to my height.

Cut out with added seam allowance down the fold mark. Repeat with the second trouser leg.

Sew the pieces together along the fold line to create your first fabric pattern piece.

Most of the side seam piece will be visible once the pinafore is sewn up. In order to ensure the inevitable seam from the former jeans is inside the pocket and not visible place the pattern pieces on top of each other.

Open out the denim trouser leg and place side seam pieces the trouser seam will be inside the pocket – hopefully, these pictures explain what I mean!

Following the instructions, place the pocket piece onto the dress right sides together, ensure you match the notches as the pocket does not start at the corner of the front body piece. Fold the side piece out of the way.

Continue making the dress as per the instructions. When you reach step 7 pause and make the pinafore dress straps. Create the straps out of a former waistband. Unpick a larger size jeans waistband then sew the open side shut. The straps are then cut to the length of the straps, plus an extra seam allowance.

Follow the instructions at step 10 for attaching the front lining. Finish the bottom of the lining, then stitch down the sides. I stopped when I reached the pocket although I suspect you are meant to keep going. Insert the waistband straps so they butt up to the side seams, sew along the top.

If you have stopped your side seams at the pocket like I did turn in the lining by the pocket and hand stitch in place (see pins in picture below).

The bottom panel is made from two pieces of denim trouser leg, and stitched together as it’s not possible to cut on the fold. When sewing this to the dress pin your joined seam of the panel to the joined seam on the front of the dress so they align, then pin round before stitching.

Styling the dress

This dress is so versatile, wear it with short sleeves or a sweater. I felt the need to make a fun necklace out of buttons to wear with either of my versions. A quick visit to a charity shop I was soon armed with a selection of buttons and thread. Using two threads at least a meter long each, tie a knot where you wish your first set of buttons to be, thread on your buttons, tie a second knot in place, repeat several times.

Once you are happy with the length an position simply tie your threads together.

I have to admit I wouldn’t want to pick a favourite between the two pinafore dresses. The denim is practical, great for everyday practical life, I’m happy upcycling in it. The mustard and blue dress I can’t quite believe I own – it seems a little stylish for me! But I have worn it several times, at home, to work, out for a meal.

Have you made dresses from old jeans? The first pattern I made by Sew Different is the Essential Denim Dress from old jeans, then the Colourblock Dress (beautiful design) followed by the Tulip Dress. I love how none of these patterns have zips to contend with, stylish dresses which are easy to sew. Gradually I seem to be sewing a wardrobe designed by Sew Different.

12 thoughts on “Scoop Pinafore Pattern Review, what can you make with four pairs of jeans?”

  1. Wow, so stylish. This is a real inspiration to up cycle. Im already working on a denim hobo bag inspired by your sashiko bag and now more useful ideas. I’ve already made the scoop pinifore, I’m wearing it now in fact, it’s a fantastic pattern. You extended yours, where would you suggest shortening it? I’m 5’2″. I love your blog!

    • Thats a really good question re shortening, as the pattern tapers – could you take an inch off the bottom panel (from the hem line) and an inch or so from the main panels? I love the balance of the proportions between the bottom panel and main panels. So glad you find the blog inspirational, Vicky

  2. Looking good!
    Just trying to get my head around how you did the recycled dress though, one pair of jeans make the front, with a centre seam instead of cutting on the fold. I presume you need a second pair in a similar colour for the back? And then pairs 3 and are the pockets/sides and the band at the bottom?
    I would be tempted to unpick one of the back pockets and add to the front tab!

    • Yes – one pair for the front, one toning pair for the back plus the waistband for the straps. One wide legged pair for the pockets and one pair for the block at the bottom. I was tempted by the decoration of a pocket but decided not to as the pockets in the pattern are super deep and useful!

  3. Oh, Vicky, they are both gorgeous! I love the first one because of the more contrasty pocket-sides, but the all-refashioned version in jeans is total genius! I don’t normally wear dresses because my body shape (or lack thereof) gets smothered in them, but I love this so much, I just might need to give it a go! 🙂 Lisa

  4. I’m not planning on making this pinafore from recycled jeans. I have the pattern and pinafore cut out and I’m hoping to follow your diagrams to help sew it together. I’m a very experienced sewer but I cannot get my head around this. The instructions and pattern im finding very confusing. I think the problem is the distinct lack of placement markings on the pattern. Has anyone else had a problem? I thank you Vicky for this tutorial I’m hoping this will help me to pull myself together and the pattern nafore.

    • I hope the pictures help you work it out. I couldn’t get my head around the pocket & side panel until I had sewn it once!

      • Yes that’s the bit I’m totally stuck on. I’m studying your page 10 and hoping it will help. I wish there were more placement makings like where to place pocket on front piece of dress. Thank you for your help.

  5. I love these versions! Can I ask if you used bias binding around the bottom end or how did you finish it? I’ve made a few times with lightweight cotton and finished with binding as per the pattern but the denim would be very thick to bind with..

    • I zigzagged the raw edge, turned up once and straight machine stitched up but in hindsight I think bias binding would have been better.

  6. Hi Diane, I would be tempted to remove an inch from the bottom panel, and an inch from the main bosy of the pinafore (along the base). Hope this helps, Vicky


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