Welcome to my stop on the Ruffles blog hop tour – if you are a regular visitor you will know I have a bit of a passion for upcycling, and bags. So it will be no surprise to you that I have created a bag out of my brothers former jumper. Very sadly this high quality, rather large but extremely useful pass me down jumper accidentally went in the wash!


Ruffle felt bag

The jumper felted in the washing machine. I paired it with a vibrant turquoise scarf from the local jumble sale, no expense spared for this bag (20p)


I added medium weight interfacing (from my stash) to the rather flimsy scarf, and added an internal pocket, to create the bags lining.



Adding the lining and turning round the corners was a little trickier than I anticipated, whether this was because it was the first time I had turned in lining round corners, or because of the fabric I don’t know.


The black ruffle is made from one of the sleeves hand stitched on, with a longer piece of scarf ruffled in the middle.

Not dabbling in norm
Not dabbling in norm

I followed the directions over at Not dabbling in normal for creating the bag, I have to admit I must have pinned this project well over a year ago. I am delighted the ruffle hop finally meant I made the bag. I am looking forward to using the bag to take supplies to my local craft group, it’s surprising just how roomy a jumper bag is:)

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A big thanks to  Mdm Samm at SewWeQuilt and Amy at SewIncrediblyCrazy for organising the Think Ruffles blog hop.
If you made it this far I am running a giveway over on my Facebook page for this cotton and leather clutch, please do enter:)
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52 thoughts on “Ruffles”

  1. Well, you definitively upcycled your bag in a beautiful way, that is an idea I have to do as well to pimp up my stash of fabric totes!
    I especially like your second bag, the blue one, is it felt?

  2. I enjoyed your upcycled sweater-into-bag project. Iespecially like the lining and the fact that you gave us a link to where you found your tutorial. I added you to my Bloglovin’ feed because I like the ideas you have. I can’t wait to get to know you better, so I will go and look around your blog.

  3. I know I know I am late this morning, we are being hit by a wicked wicked storm and white stuff is falling from the sky like sheets….eeeek…lol

    Now where was I, your ruffled bag reminds me of a ruffled blouse for a tux….LOVE IT the colours and photos….lovely….does it have special powers….if soooooo please work it now…warm up our earth over here lol

  4. Love the idea of upcycling. I am a thrift store junkie. Great job, love the blue fabric that you used-it really pops the black.

  5. What a great idea using a jumper for a bag! I like that you were motivated by this blog hop to get a project done that you had wanted to do for some time. I did that too. It was great to visit here today.

  6. I love how you did this bag. I love to upcycle things It make me feel good to get something out of something that I have used.

  7. What a wonderful upcycling! I love the turquoise scarf you used as the lining and the second ruffle. It is just a breath of spring!! You are an inspiration to use some of the downloads from year(s) ago. Thanks for participating and inspiring us to upcycle to create a new beautiful project.

  8. Upcycling is the best! Your bag is sweet and the ruffle adds just the right touch especially with the turquoise pop of color.

  9. I pin loads of things to make using upcycled materials but I never seem to get round to any of them. You’ve inspired me to get creating. That bag is lovely and it’s great that it cost so little!


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