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Refashion – Floral and Stripes Combo

Refashion – Floral and Stripes Combo

Have you heard of Refashion Runaway hosted by Renegade Seamstress? Eight refashion bloggers are taking part in a weekly challenge, we get to vote for our favourite refashion of the week Plus we can sew along too… To see what the contestants came up with go check out Beth’s post.

Initially tempted to  sew along I sensibly ruled this out, school holidays, a pile of planned activities plus sewing commitments. But I just couldn’t help but notice this striped top and floral top in the local charity shop yesterday just waiting to be refashioned..

Striped T shirt

My daughter loves pink and red, but I decided to take the gamble and make her a dress.

Floral dress

The dress in my mind was a t-shirt top with gathered cotton skirt joined along the waist. My first step was to measure my daughter and work out the finished length of dress, the next step to work out the length of the t-shirt top, and the cotton skirt.

I chopped the t-shirt up along the seams – the existing neckline is too big to reutilize so I unpicked the neckline binding to reuse.

t shirt top

Using an existing pattern for a t-shirt which fits her I cut out the front and back of the top of the new dress.

Next up to cut the skirt length (not forgetting seam allowance!)


There was not enough t-shirt fabric to make the sleeves, so I created the sleeves from the floral top, reusing the sleeves to save hemming.

t shirt top with sleeves

After a slight gathering of the skirt with hand stitching I stitched the two parts of the dress together, ensuring I followed the stripes of the top part round. Last up to finish the neckline, shortening the neckline binding to fit the new neckline and reattaching.

T Shirt to Dress Refashion

The project took little more than an hour (yeah for my budget overlocker!!) and the new dress cost only £6.50.

T shirt and dress mashup

Thankfully my daughter overcame her disappointment of colour choice, but did put in a request that the next dress I make her has a real swirl to it when spinning round!


Here is the list of the weekly challenges, just in case you too are tempted to join in:

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Pam @Threading My Way

Sunday 16th of August 2015

Very creative combining the two tops to make a dress, Vicky.


Sunday 16th of August 2015

Thanks Pam:)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.