Product Photography At Home, Craftsy Class – Review

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I am always striving to improve my photography skills. Good images are essential to running a blog and Etsy shop. But it is always an area I feel I can improve on. I am fortunate to have a DSLR and am comfortable using the aperture settings, but that’s about it… The camera is capable of so much more.

I have treated myself to the Product Photography at Home Craftsy Class by Jessica Marquez.

The course is broken down into seven sections:


How did I find the class? Would it be useful to you?

Personally I feel the course is perfect for people who are new to product photography, or new to a DSLR camera. It is particularly helpful about taking great photographs with the equipment you already have – such as maximizing window light. There are lots of helpful affordable tips for creating your own reflectors and back drops. The course is great for those wishing to take sharp clear styled images for selling products, but this is just as transferable for taking good images for blogging, social media etc..

These are the tips which resonated with me.

Lesson 2-
ISO- this is the old fashioned speed of a film, explains the difference between a 100 and 500. Jessica helpfully give suggestions for appropriate ISO numbers for different light situations

Lesson 3 –

There are lots of useful tips to help you understand the impact of different light. Jessica demonstrates the same image taken every hour through the day. Its interesting to see the impact of the sun direction change.

Lesson 5 –

Using models, this something I avoid! But Jessica is great at explaining ways of working with models, how to encourage them to relax. She demonstrates the real advantages of using a person to give a sense of style and product size.

Lesson 6 –

Product styling, this is an area I am keen to improve. I felt I gained some valuable tips but feel as though personally I need to continue to experiment and play with ideas.

Overall: As a result of the course I feel comfortable playing with different settings on my phone. The biggest lesson learnt is changing the ISO on my camera to it is suitable for the light I am shooting in.

Would I recommend the course? Definitely. Even if you have a fair grasp of your camera there will be something in this course for you. The course covers far more than I can mention!

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