My photo school – Lightroom Lesson 3

Running a little late, but happily playing catch up – Week 3 of the lightroom course. This week we have been learning about a variety of tools in the develop section of lightroom. The terminology is beyond my photographic knowledge, but this doesn’t matter because it is a visual course. As the course is taught through video you can see how images are transformed using the different tools

This weeks course covers:

  • How to use the lens correction panel to counteract lens related problems such as converging verticals, vignetted edges and chromatic aberration.
  • How the detail panel helps us to sharpen our shots and remove nasty noise.
  • Use the black and white panel to lighten or darken particular parts of a monochrome conversion and use the effects panel to add character building artefacts such as vignettes and grain.
  • Use the adjustment brush to make selected adjustments.
  • Show how to split tone and monoconversion to change atmosphere, use the hsl panel to create target and a suit of colours to create a retro filming look.

I thought I would share with you images for my assignment. This week we were provided with images to practice on. So the assignment is to correct levels using the lens correction, transform an image into black and white, use split tone, and cross processing.

church 1

Unedited you can see how the photograph shows the church walls at angles. Using the lens correction tool you can edit the image to straighten the church walls.

church 2

Next up black and white – I’ve changed the image to monochrome and altered the levels for blue to add a higher contrast to the sky..

church black & white

And then the assignment became harder, in my opinion. Thank goodness you can pause the lessons, rewind, watch again!

Split tone – this tool enable you to alter the exposure on particular parts of the image, for instance on a face. This is my original image:


Then tweaked with last weeks lesson, generally altering exposure and shadows for the whole image. However when I have the image printed I was disappointed with the baby being slightly overexposed, as a result of lightening my daughters face.


So this is my spilt tone tweaking, subtle, but I think both faces are now correctly exposed.

Amy and Flo

I am learning so much from this course, and loving the capabilities of the software.





I am being provided the course for free in return for a blog post review of each lesson. Opinions are my own.


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