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The final week of the course – I have learnt so much on this course:)

This week I have been busy learning how to export images, create contact sheets, books for publishing, post direct to facebook, create slideshows – everything to do with publishing the images either in print or on the internet.

L contact sheet, My Photo School Lightroom Courses

The lessons may only be 35-40 minutes but there is so much information packed in. I particularly love the fact I can continue to access the video course for ever more, I am sure there is more I can absorb and learn:)

To summarise the course I have learnt the following 5 fab facts/tips:

  1. You can import images from a variety of sources, including an app on your phone. A quick and simple way to transfer images to your computer. (I had been emailing individual pictures to myself, opening them and then downloading!)
  2. Lightroom enables you to tag each image in a variety if ways. this enable you to then search for images under a given tag. This is extremely helpful if you have LOTS of images – lets face it, what blogger doesn’t?!
  3. Shoot in RAW. The reason the image takes more memory than a JPEG is that it stores more details, perfect for editing. Especially if like me you over expose the odd image and wish to bring some of the details back.
  4. Lightroom Develop page enables you to edit many aspects of an image. I have mainly utilised the shadows, and exposure. But I also love the ability to increase contrast on a particular part of the image for instance in the sky bringing out the clouds details.
  5. You can easily copyright your images automatically as you import them.

Images I would have struggled to improve using my standard free software have been transformed by lightroom. In particular my floating shelves tutorial I found tricky to photograph, but with lightroom editing reloved magazine have expressed an interest in publishing it. The quality of an image really does count.

If you would like to see previous lesson blog posts here are the links to week 1, week 2 and week 3.

I would not hesitate to recommend My Photo School as a means of remote learning photography skills.





I am being provided the course for free in return for a blog post review of each lesson. Opinions are my own.


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