Pebble Christmas Tree Decoration

Today I am sharing with you a Christmas decoration made of beach finds, pebbles and driftwood. this pebble Christmas decoration is perfect as a Christmas table decoration, mantlepiece decoration or on the sideboard.

Sunday was a bit of a grey drizzly day, with children happy to be absorbed by screens. As winter draws in I find myself craving daylight and fresh air. It’s time to drag the children outside, despite the rather superb teenage looks (oldest is busy practising for when she is officially a teenager!).

We love going to a local beach that has a selection of pebbles, driftwood and sea glass to hunt through.


We generally have a challenge to see who can find the most interesting piece.  I take a bag which we fill with random items. My youngest loves building towers, jumping in the waves, burying his feet in sinking sand.

Partway through the walk my husband suggested we set ourselves a challenge – to create a project and corresponding blog post, in the day….  Once home the children retreated behind screens leaving us to it! We failed the immediacy of the challenge – today it is Thursday, not Sunday!


How to make your beach Christmas decorations.




Start by collecting a piece of driftwood suitable for a solid base. Cut three pieces of driftwood to resemble the trunk of trees, we used a handsaw to cut these, they measure between an inch and 1 3/4″ in height.


Glue your tree stumps to your driftwood base, we used expanding gorilla glue. This takes time to set but copes with slight variations in the surface of the drift wood and beach stones.


Experiment with your beach stones in tree-like formations, we used a variety of textures gradually becoming smaller.



 Once you are happy with your tree designs glue them together.


The top of the trees are topped with a clear piece of sea glass, which is followed by a green piece of sea glass.


Drill a hole through the green glass. Start by drilling a marker hole onto the sea glass.


Place the piece of sea glass onto a piece of wood into a plastic box with water (these pictures are with white sea glass, but for this project, I used green sea glass, just in case you are confused!). Ensure the surface of the sea glass is covered in water. This stops everything overheating and absorbs the glass dust created from drilling.


Fold the lengths in the middle to form the star shape.
Place the start into your predrilled hoe in the sea glass.

Now glue the star/sea glass to the top of your tree’s.



I am pleased with the result, I resisted my daughter’s suggestion to add glitter to the tree!  Our pebble Christmas decoration can be used as a table centerpiece, om a mantlepiece, or a sideboard. This weekend our full-blown Christmas tree is going up. Stay tuned for further thrifty Christmas decorations over the next couple of weeks,


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