Why pattern test??

I’m currently feeling somewhat swamped with lots of gorgeous patterns which I have just tested or am testing.  Why  pattern test?!

There are definitely some pro’s to pattern testing. I sign up when I think I will learn something from making the pattern, or because I feel a bond with the designer… not necessarily because I like the end product!

A big plus for me is the sense of community – making the same pattern with a group of virtual friends. The camaraderie and sharing on Facebook groups is lovely, and a great chance to ask if I get stuck (often due to skim reading the pattern #cough).

But the biggest reason personally has to be the chance to try my hand at something new. As a result of pattern testing I have read my sewing machine manual – and can now sew knit fabrics, yeah!!!

Big Girl Briefs

I’ve learnt how to sew a bag with a zip fastening in bags:)


And I’m currently working on my first ever quilt pattern… watch this space!!

Camper Van Quilt

Pattern testing for bag designers, upcyclers, quilters and dress designers brings  a variety to my sewing which I would not have otherwise.  Plus, of course, free patterns, which works if you like the item!

Fancy pattern testing yourself?  I have recently  joined a sewing, craft & creative bloggers group on facebook, and quite often there are shouts out from bloggers. I thoroughly recommend pattern testing as a way of developing yours kills, and building networks.

All I have to do is stop myself from putting myself forward as a tester for every opportunity – my bank balance doesn’t quite run to all that fabric!!

As usual I am off to check out fellow Handmade Harbour creative:)


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14 thoughts on “Why pattern test??”

  1. I love the blue leafy fabric you have used for the bag, and I don’t quite know what to say about the pants. They are adorable, and I love the way you have photographed them.

  2. Your quilt is going to be fabulous and I am loving your bag and knickers (you know what I mean! Lol). I’ve yet to sew a zip but sewing my first quilt has made me much more confident on the machine. Xx

  3. I love pattern testing and do quite a bit. I over did it a few weeks ago and had.four projects due in a two day time frame. I ended up in a full fibro flare between my self-induced stress and not sleeping because I was sewing… My husband made me take a few weeks off. I’m working on one now for a designer I’ve tested for before. I really like working with the same people repeatedly…. There’s that camaraderie. And new designers also..mm who push you to new skills and heights. 🙂

  4. Pattern testing sounds very interesting, I haven’t quite got up to speed with patterns yet, but I”m really impressed with your makes – particularly the awesome pair of pants.

  5. Hi Vicky, and thanks for putting my underwear in front cover LOL
    By the way, you did a great job with them, I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with next one 😉
    Hugs from Italy,


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