How to make net bags for fruit and vegetables

September 3, 2018

You know that feeling, you have a project in mind, but somehow you don’t get round to it for months/years! I have been meaning to make net bags for fruit and vegetables for way too long, and it really is a thirty-minute project which can reduce your plastic use enormously. This week is zero waste week, for which I blog about yearly. Now I have to…

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Skirt into a top #refashion

August 26, 2018

As the school summer holidays continue my desire to sew, to have space in my sanctuary of a sewing room has become ever stronger. When I spotted a gorgeous Monsoon skirt in a charity shop (op shop for American readers) I was immediately drawn to the fabric, an impulse purchase was made with the aspiration that the pleats in the skirt would yield enough fabric to…

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How to reupholster a dining room chair with denim pockets

August 19, 2018
DIY Denim Chair, seat reupholstered in denim jeans

I am passionate about using what I have, making the most of available resources. Whilst making the denim curtains for our bedroom I unpicked and saved all the denim pockets from the former jeans ready for a new project. My initial thoughts were to make a doormat but when my husband mentioned a chair for his corner of the bedroom my plans changed. Our bedroom has…

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DIY Garden Table, upcycle an old shed side into a table

August 12, 2018

You don’t have to be an expert DIYer to make this stunning DIY Garden Table. Upcycle an old shed to make a great outdoor dining table. Eating outside has to be on the of the best parts of summer. As we gradually make our new home into our own space we realised it was time to update the small garden table we bought many years ago…

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Ombre Furniture DIY, Upcycle with Fusion Mineral Paint

August 6, 2018

Transform an old sideboard to create a modern ombre effect sideboard using fusion mineral paint. Upcycled ombre effect sideboard DIY…

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Drawer Shelf DIY

July 29, 2018

I have to admit I have always fancied turning a drawer into shelves – I think they look super cool. So the opportunity to create a drawer shelf DIY tutorial for a magazine article was perfect.  The bathroom can be a little bland, a drawer shelf can provide a spot of colour plus a focus point. Transforming a drawer gives you flexible storage, simply choose a draw…

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