camera bag – last minute sewing!

August 31, 2014

So how do you fill the day before you go on holiday?? I found myself whipping up a camera bag. The day before you go on holiday focusses the mind and prioritises the sewing to be completed..  A new case for new camera, what else? Oh yes the sun dress for my daughter that doesn’t quite fit:)!! I knew that I would inevitable spend the holidays…

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Affordable crafting and sewing supplies?

August 27, 2014

I have set myself a challenge, to visit one of the many economy stores that are popping up and to see what supplies I could find. I think you may be surprised… Fabric, table runners, t-towels, and of course bed linen. This single duvet cover for £6.99 which is the equivalent of 4 metres of fabric, for the same price I would gain one metre…

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5 Wallet Tutorials

August 24, 2014

Fancy making yourself  new wallet? Here are 5 wallet tutorials, all free – I love the fact people take time and effort to write free tutorials. Phone wallet by Indianna Dreams – this is a combination of two tutorials to create this unique wallet stroke phone holder. Looking for something far simpler? Check out this card and note holder by Modest  This wallet design includes card…

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Stash busting thank you notelets

August 20, 2014

Following my rather extensive birthday celebrations (well why not drag it out at my age!) I have enjoyed rummaging through my paper craft hoard. The aim to make some stash busting thank you notelets:).   A little bit of playing around created a quick and simple collage thank you notelet. To create your own you will need two types of paper. I used a leaf…

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Dolls Baby Sling

August 17, 2014

It’s the summer holidays, which means the children have lots more time for playing at home. It has not escaped my daughters attention that she has three baby dolls, one in a supermarket trolly, and one in a pushchair – how is she going to transport baby no three??? A dolls baby sling, what else?! A quick search of the internet revealed a fab, quick…

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Upcycled Cargo Pants

August 10, 2014

We are having a glorious summer, which we are all loving:) Except my tots knees – he suffers from excema, which is exasperated by warm weather. Earlier in the week I realised that 10 days of shorts had taken their toll on the back of his knees, which were almost about to break out into open sores. I decided to make him some three quarter length…

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