Recycled plastic sandwich wrapper

September 4, 2014

Zero waste week 2014 is the perfect prompt to consider how I wrap sandwiches. Recycle plastic bags by fusing them to create a new durable material, perfect to be sewn up into reusable sandwich bags. My first design of sandwich bag measures 7.5″ by 6.5″ First cut the handles and bottoms off your plastic bags, create 6-8 layers of plastic (the thicker the plastic the less layers) Sandwich between…

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Zero Waste Week 2014 – Plastic wrapping

September 3, 2014

Yesterday I shared my menu plan for zero waste week 2014. The next step is to check out what I can recycle locally, in particular plastic wrapping. Sadly there is a large list of the items I cannot put in our recycling bin: NO THANKS! Things you CAN’T put in your green bin are: plastic bags, cling film, junk mail bags, packets, yoghurt pots, food…

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Zero Waste Week 2014 – Menu Plan

September 2, 2014

Here in the UK zero waste week 2014 started yesterday, and I have signed up!! Yikes – I am being completely realistic in that inevitable items will end up in the bin, but I am going to make small achievable steps to reduce this. My pledge is menu plan to reduce food waste. As part of this I am endeavouring to avoid unnecessary plastic whilst…

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Blog hop

September 1, 2014

I am delighted to be taking part in this fab blog hop that’s going around the creative crafting blogland. I was invited by Anna, thank you so much! You can read her blog hop post here. Anna was the first designer to accept me as a pattern tester, I have learnt many bag making techniques through pattern testing for her. What am I working on? I am currently…

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camera bag – last minute sewing!

August 31, 2014

So how do you fill the day before you go on holiday?? I found myself whipping up a camera bag. The day before you go on holiday focusses the mind and prioritises the sewing to be completed..  A new case for new camera, what else? Oh yes the sun dress for my daughter that doesn’t quite fit:)!! I knew that I would inevitable spend the holidays…

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Affordable crafting and sewing supplies?

August 27, 2014

I have set myself a challenge, to visit one of the many economy stores that are popping up and to see what supplies I could find. I think you may be surprised… Fabric, table runners, t-towels, and of course bed linen. This single duvet cover for £6.99 which is the equivalent of 4 metres of fabric, for the same price I would gain one metre…

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