Recycled Crisp Packet Apron DIY

February 22, 2015

Regular readers may remember a post with 8 different ideas for upcycling crisp packets.  At the time my husband suggested an apron, a google search later and it seems no one has made one. I am delighted to say I have created his idea – one DIY recycled crisp packet apron:) I engaged my work colleagues in saving up empty crisp packets for me, to bring a…

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Etsy update

February 15, 2015

This week I have been working away at my Etsy shop, updating and editing items for sale. I have joined up to Thrive over at Etsy Preneurship ” I care about you and your business and I genuinely want to see you and your business thrive!  I will provide you the tips, tools, and know-how you need to help your Etsy shop thrive! ” Of course…

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DIY T Shirt Sundress, Kids Clothes Week

February 8, 2015

My final make for kids clothes week is a t-shirt sundress. Its quick and easy, have a go:) DIY T Shirt Sundress Start by cutting out the bodice part of the dress, either using a pattern or following the layout of an existing dress. Sew together the shoulder seams. Cut out and add two layers of t-shirt fabric, this create the length of the skirt. Optimise the…

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Raglan T Shirt – Kids Clothes Week – Upcycling

February 7, 2015

Today I have whipped up two t shirts, using three of my husbands old t shirts. I followed a fab tutorial from stitched by crystal for drafting a pattern. My tot seems singularly unimpressed, not seeming in the slightest bothered.   Its a pity the neckline on this one is way too big – I’m wondering about attempting the neckline again with a 1″ hem, would…

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T Shirt Dress DIY, Kids Clothes Week – Upcycling

February 6, 2015

Have you come across kids clothes week #kcw? The premise is simple, sew an hour a day for seven days for your kids. To be honest I wasnt planning on joining in, but then I read that this weeks theme is upcycling..! Well it would be rude not to, especially with this big pile of tshirts!   T Shirt Dress DIY First up a t-shirt…

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DIY Valentine Decor

February 4, 2015

Create awesome valentine fabric hearts using embroidery stitches The house always looks a little barren after Christmas, this year we decided to transform our wooden Christmas tree it into a seasonal tree. For January is it is decorated with snowflakes,  February is going to be hearts.   I am delighted to be guest blogging over at SewMamaSew with a tutorial for the hearts. They are quick an simple to…

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