How to sew a slip pocket, perfect for any bag you are making

July 21, 2019

Personally, I love a slip pocket, they are perfect for any items you wish to find quickly and easily – in my case mobile phone and car keys. Especially if I have a large bag – no routing around in the bottom trying to find the one thing I am looking for!! Learn how easy it is to sew a slip pocket. Sewing slip pockets…

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How to put a zipper pocket in a purse lining

Learn how to sew a zipper pocket for any bag, either in the lining or as a feature on the outside of the bag with this super easy sewing tutorial. I use a zipper pocket in my latest tote bag pattern designed to hold a tablet. A zip pocket is an essential tool in your bag making skills. Check out my other essential skills tutorials…

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How to attach magnetic snaps

Magnetic snaps are a super easy way to add a closure to any bag you make. They are super useful for pockets too, available in a variety of sizes and colours they are versatile fastening. Learn how easy it is to attach magnetic snaps. I love them, personally, I’m not a zip closure girl when it comes to bags! They provide a closing mechanism to…

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How to put rivets in fabric

A leather handle takes out handsewn bags to the next level – and cap rivets are the perfect way to install the handles. Learn how to put rivets in fabric with these super easy steps. A rivet is ideal when you have so many layers of fabric your sewing machine can’t cope – the perfect solution for bag making and bag handles. A double cap…

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How to make a hair scrunchie with pompom trim

July 18, 2019

Wishing to relive your childhood? Loving scrunchies the second time around? Learn just how easy it is to make a hair scrunchie with pompom trim. Using fabric scraps from you stash means you can make a different scrunchie for every outfit!  All scrunchies involve straight stitching, therefore they are a perfect sewing project for children learning to sew. Adding the pompom trim involves a little…

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DIY Serving Tray Idea

July 9, 2019

Are you looking for a quick upcycling project? Serving trays are perfect for breakfast in bed, or drinks in the garden. update an old serving tray with this DIY project. I picked up this rather unpromising second-hand serving tray, perfect for an upcycling project with chalk paint and wallpaper sample.     Check out these fabulous chalk paint projects:- Update a wicker basket with spray chalk…

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