Manchester Quilting Bee

When news hits it can be hard to process, absorb. This is how many people felt following the Manchester arena attack. The day after the attack I was volunteering at a local art and craft group. The group is for people who are learning English as their second language, it is made up of people from China, Poland, France, India, Italy amongst other countries. They have such different faiths and political backgrounds, all were eager to discuss the atrocity including what the motivation might be behind the attack. Personally I had no words.

Atrocities happen every day all over the world. Our world is a complex place with many damaged people. I have no words but I can sew.

Have you heard about Manchester Quilting Bee?? It’s a group of people who have initiated a project to make quilts for the people of Manchester. Now regular readers will know that I am not a quilter, but I can learn:) This is such a lovely idea..

I did a quick google search and decided to follow the turn-edge technique, on the basis I felt it would result in a hard wearing result.

If the project appeals to you you can find the instructions and PDF pattern on the Facebook page – you have just time to create a hexie square (sorry I would have posted earlier but we were away on family holidays when I heard about the project). If you belong to a quilting group and could help sew up the quilts I am sure they would love to hear from you.

As creative people we can use our creativity to share compassion with people wherever we are in the world,


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