Make your own family naughty and nice Christmas game

What to do on a wet weather sleepover? We recently had our friends children to stay for 22 hrs, it rained and rained and rained. I decided on an impromptu theme “Christmas” with a variety of activities roughly fitting into the theme.

The activities included making bath bombs, bird feeders, air clay snowmen, Christmas biscuits and playing this year’s “Naughty and Nice” game. Everyone had a good time:)


So what is the Myers “Naughty and Nice” game? It’s a board game with a variety of squares, the first person round wins. If you land on a green you pick up a nice card, if you land on a red you pick up a naughty card. My husband picks comments which he knows will bring a smile to our kid’s faces.


Naturally, you can make the naughty or nice cards to fit your family.


So what is on the cards? Here are some examples – but you can download a full list here if you wish to make your own:)


Took turns choosing music to play, no arguing – forward 2

Sent Christmas & birthday thank you cards promptly – forward 3

Laughed at all of Daddy’s jokes – forward 1

Said “I don’t mind doing something I don’t really like today. Everyone needs to have their turn” forward 6

Offered to sweep up the leaves in the garden – forward 4

Let Dad watch football without moaning – forward 2

Left out a massive cake & a bottle of cider for Santa – forward 5

Lost a game but took it well & congratulated the winner  – forward 3

Said thank you and looked pleased (even though you didn’t like the present) – forward 7


It’s a game, someone wins, and someone loses, deal with it – back 8

Refused to write thank you letters, back 7

Told dad he is pretty old now, back 1

Shouted out to neighbour “your lights are rubbish” back 8

Put pretend spider in mums knicker drawer, she screamed, back 1

Made farting noises during carol service, back 7

Sang jingle bells batman smells at school, back 4

Forgot to put cake out for Santa, back 2

Laughed for 20 minutes at a Christmas cracker joke, back 1


Do you have some fun family traditions?


7 thoughts on “Make your own family naughty and nice Christmas game”

  1. What a fun game, the card ideas are brilliant. One of my kids made a star wars themed game once, all I can remember is it was good v evil, all Jedi v Sith. I wonder if we still have it anywhere?
    We had “Who am I” Christmas Crackers last year and they turned out to be loads of fun too, it can seem old fashioned but you can’t beat a good family games night.


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