Make a DIY fabric pinboard #MyHomeMade #Giveaway

Today I am sharing with you how to make a fabric pinboard. They are quick and simple to make, perfect for squeezing a crafty make into limited time!  With Christmas hovering in the background now is an ideal moment to get ahead with some Christmas gift making.

DIY Fabric Pinboard

You will need:

Materials for cork baord

  • Fabric
  • Quilting wadding
  • Cork board
  • ribbon
  • pins
  • Staple gun

To make:

Cut out a square of wadding and a square of fabric with turning allowance. The fabric I used was 2″ wider per side.

Place the fabric right side down, the wadding on top, followed by the cork board right side down.

Wadding and cork board

Turn in the corners of the fabric and wadding, secure using the staple gun.

Turn the corners in

Next turn in the sides and secure with the staple gun.

Back of pinboard

Turn over to the right side.

Place your ribbon across the board at equal distances apart. I used a tape measure for accuracy. Alternate your diagonals.

Place ribbon on pinboard

Pin at the cross over points. Turn over and staple the ends of the ribbon securely in place on the back of the board.

Pin ribbon

Using the fittings supplied with the cork board hang up.

DIY Pinboard

The finished pinboard is perfect for storing invites, postcards, etc..

Thanks to Rodgers of York for providing everything I needed to make the pinboard. Rodgers of York are kindly offering a kit to make your own. Enter below for a chance to win your own supplies (this giveaway is open for UK residents only).

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      • I think you can hun, you don’t have to reinstall the widget either you just go in and edit it. That’s what I always did when I had a blog anyway. But I also remember the Rafflecopter customer support team being really quick to respond to tweets and emails too if you want to check. 🙂

  1. Hi I couldn’t get the Rodgers of York twitter option to work I clicked it thinking I could then go and find it on twitter…but can’t find it sorry…just didn’t want u to think I had cheatedXx

  2. Fab idea – my daughter has specifically asked for a notice board for Christmas as she loves to collect little mementos from her travels and experiences. Love this!
    Jenny x


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