Teach your child to knit, 6 top tips

My daughter has just expressed an interest in knitting. She is 8 years old and is not renowned for her patience! My reaction was mixed – I have to admit my heart sank.. but at the same time I was delighted that she expressed an interested. Amazingly she has stuck at it:)

Teach your child to knit, top tips from vickymyerscreations

A trip to the local shop and we were quickly supplied with childrens knitting needles and pink sparkly wool. She is currently part way through a blanket for Barbie. I think for her second project I will suggest adult needles and Aran wool, for a quicker result:)

Teach Your Child To Knit

My top tips:

  • Let the child choose the wool, within reason. I rejected any textured wool – its important the child can see the stitches and how they are forming.
  • Start on small achievable projects for instance dolls blankets or placemats for play tea set
  • Help the child master the basics first, so cast on for them and concentrate on teaching the basic stitch.
  • Knit along side them, this gives precious time together enjoying a mutual hobby. They also can see you occasionally make mistakes, have to unravel and go again:)
  • Praise regularly.
  • Have endless patience:) I cannot count the amount of stitches I have been asked to remedy whilst in the midst of washing up, mopping the bathroom floor etc..!

Once your child has mastered knit and purl there are 15 great patterns here, simple projects perfect for the next step.

Yesterday we enjoyed a lovely hour together before breakfast companionable knitting:)




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3 thoughts on “Teach your child to knit, 6 top tips”

  1. that is nice of your daughter wanting to knit. I remember when I was growing up my mom used to knit socks and mitts. it was on 4 needles .I used to knit some rolls too . when I started knitting I’d lose stitches and panic, call out .I enjoyed knitting. it used to be all knit plain all the way through. then I learned knit and pearl. then In later years I’d knit what they called scandanavian sweaters(and snowflake patterns) and different ones for my two children. this was on circular needles. then I learn to crochet doilies. but now most of my time is quilting. I really enjoy those hobbies. hope your daughter keeps up the good work .


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