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Do you have many projects on the go? Oh good, I’m not alone!  I have two knitted projects, a denim rag quilt in progress, fabric bought to replace ripped curtains, top to be made, plus keeping stock levels maintained in my etsy shop. Naturally I go through phases, going from one project to a next, dependant on my mood. It can feel a little overwhelming with so many different projects.

I recently signed up for two events, blog every day in May and a 100daysproject. Blog every day in May is self explanatory, after a few days I realised that although it felt a good idea at the time in reality it felt a huge pressure, so I stopped – liberating. Next up 100daysproject, the idea is simple make/create every day for a hundred days. The process being the important aspect not finished items.

Despite this premise I set myself a goal that even if I could not achieve sewing or knitting every day for a 100 days I could finish my tots jumper. Often knitting is my last resort in terms of WIP, although I love the fact it is easily transportable and can be done whilst waiting for kids in their swimming class etc..

I am so delighted to have finished the jumper today!!! The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that it is a little bit big on him, I don’t care – he will wear it today!! And of course I would much rather it be too big. I have to confess I have been knitting it for over a year, making little progress so I was a little worried it would be too small for him!!


Not only am I chuffed to have finished the project and pleased with the finished result the process has renewed my interest and enjoyment of knitting. This is no surprise really – have you read of the research being carried out into the health benefits of knitting??

“The study found a significant relationship between the frequency of knitting and respondents’ perceived mood and feelings. Frequent knitters (those who knitted more than 3 times a week) were calmer, happier, less sad, less anxious, and more confident.” mindbodygreen

Hand knitted jumper

The other item on my knitting needles is a cardigan which is definitely is too small for my daughter. I will unravel this and save the wool. This leaves me with no knitting on the go, time for a fresh project. I’m feeling inspired:)

Sirdar - knitting pattern book

This book is my go to book for toddler patterns. I love it and have knitted quite a few of the patterns, at the time I bought it I was a little reluctant to pay the price but it has been a good investment. I have decided to knit a cardigan for my niece who will be one at Christmas. This gives me six months to knit one much smaller item, an achievable and rewarding project.

Do you knit? regularly? The knitting research talks about producing a meditative state – sounds good to me. I know I will not realistically time find to meditate, but knitting on the other hand I will:)




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5 thoughts on “Finishing WIP – knitting”

  1. Oh my word, that jumper is adorable. My Nan taught me to knit when I was a child. I really wish I’d kept it up. I hope one day to have time to knit again, it’s such a useful pastime.xx

  2. I have just read in the paper that meditation can have some bad side effects so maybe like you I’ll stick to knitting! Your son’s pullover is delightful and he looks very happy to be wearing it.



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