How to make net bags for fruit and vegetables

You know that feeling, you have a project in mind, but somehow you don’t get round to it for months/years! I have been meaning to make net bags for fruit and vegetables for way too long, and it really is a thirty-minute project which can reduce your plastic use enormously.

This week is zero waste week, for which I blog about yearly. Now I have to confess I and my family are far from perfect. I am a 100% sure we will have rubbish which we throw into the general waste bin this week, in particular, single-use plastic. Having recently watched The Secret Life of Landfill (for us readers this is available on iPlayer for the next days) I was truly shocked to discover that even newspaper buried in landfill in the 70’s has not rotted down, the newspaper is still readable. The program was a wake-up call, renewing my motivation to reduce our family waste.

Here in the Uk, the 5p charge for plastic bags for groceries has massively reduced our nations plastic consumption but plastic vegetable bags remain the norm at the supermarket. Using my net bags for all fruit and veg bought can reduce my single-use plastic by five-six bags a week, so that’s 250 plus plastic bags a year.

Reduce your personal single use plastic by spending thirty minutes whipping up net produce bags. How to make net bags for fruit and vegetables.

Personally I am rather passionate about bag making – if you are new to bag making I have the perfect Beginners Bag Making Course for you which covers so many essential skills for bag making, and includes many free bag tutorials. 


How to make net bags for fruit and vegetables


An old net curtain is great for vegetable bags, it weighs little when it comes to the till and doesn’t fray so there is ones to finish the seams.

Cut out your net curtain into two identical size pieces.

If you dont have a ready made casing at the top turn over the top twice, pin and stitch in place. This creates a case to thread tape through.

Pin the two sides together, stitch around three sides starting just below the casing tape.

Turn right side out.

Thread a cord through the casing tape, using a safety pin, then tie a knot.

It really is that easy! In fact, I am rather embarrassed I did not make these years ago.

Reduce your personal single use plastic by spending thirty minutes whipping up net produce bags. How to make net bags for fruit and vegetables.

If you are interested in taking part in zero waste week find out more here. If you are ready to make small sustainable steps to reduce your family’s plastic use you may like this post showing you how to make reusable sandwich wraps. If you love bag pattern check out all my free bag patterns and tutorials.

Please do not be overwhelmed by zero waste week, instead, use it as an inspiring prompt to make small steps in your life. Making realistic sustainable steps which you can keep up is the best!

9 thoughts on “How to make net bags for fruit and vegetables”

  1. I think this is brilliant but how often do you have to wash them? I have made several and am showing them to my sewing group tomorrow. My Sierra club magazine mentioned there is about 3million tons of plastic bags in the US alone. Terrible. I have used my own grocery bags for years but always wondered about the veggie bags, even though they are thin, they must add up. This is one of those moments of “why didn’t I think of that”. Thank you so much for this.

    • I’m so glad you like them. I’ve not washed mine so far having mainly used them in the supermarket where the veg have been thoroughly washed but I’m sure they will stand up to washing. My Mum has requested some asking if they are stronger than the paper bags her farm shop supplies so that’s there next test:)

  2. I was bought some net bags as a gift but would like some larger ones too so I am now on the look out for some net curtains to make these. And often when I have used my net bags I get a positive comment from the person on the till so I get to spread the “No Plastic” message at the same time as shopping! Thank you so much for adding this creative post to #GoingGreen.

  3. Hi Vicky. Just joined your group and am so pleased that you are UK based! I have been looking around similar blogs/sites and so many are based in U.S. Not that there’s a problem with that, unless you want to buy supplies from affiliates.

    Thank you for this brilliant idea of using net curtains for fruit and veg bags. I have been looking to buy some but they are not cheap and not very big usually. There are a few charity shops near me, so I will be picking some curtains up very soon! Thanks again

  4. They are super easy to make – not always as easy as it sounds to find net curtains though as they are a bit out of fashion at the moment!! Enjoy making your own 🙂


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