How to make a shibori scarf

As a child tie-dye was fashionable, bright colored t-shirts hand dyed. Recently there has been a resurgence in interest in shibori. These scarves are inspired by the Japanese shibori style. Shibori originated in Japan, it’s a technique which involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth and binding fabric, then dyeing with indigo. It’s easy to either make your own scarf or transform a thrift shop purchase. For the sake of convenience, I have used a standard hand wash dye from Dylon, commonly available in the UK. This makes it an easily accessible technique. Alternatively, you can buy Indigo kits. I would love to have a go at natural indigo dying.

Learn how to make a shibori scarf, DIY, step by step tutorial

Shibori scarf

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How to make a shibori scarf

You will need:

Fabric Dye – buy the hand dye Dylon kit here, alternatively how about trying this Indigo Tye Dye kit?

Light cotton fabric 140 by 40 cm

Pom pom braid 80cm

Alternatively, a pre loved scarf from a charity shop (or thrift store if you are across the pond)

To make:

Hem the edges, double fold over the fabric and stitch.

The first scarf I bought a very light weight cotton. It is 140cm wide, I bought 40 c width. Hem the edges, double fold over the fabric and stitch.

Add a pom pom frill to the short edges of the scarf.

Use a large running stitch running the width of the scarf to gather up the fabric.

Once you have gathered the scarf tie with rubber bands, this creates a resist preventing the dye penetrating the fabric.

Mix you dye, following the packet instructions. Dye the scarf.

The best part, unwrapping the rubber bands and removing the running stitch.

You may be lucky and pick up a thrift shop scarf you can dye, saving the job of hemming plus keeping the cost minimal.

How to make a shibori scarf, DIY, Tutorial

Learn how to make a shibori style scarf, DIY, Tutorial

I am contemplating making a quilted bed throw or duvet cover made with shibori pieces but with the six weeks summer holidays upon us that will just have to wait.  For further shibori style inspiration please visit the blogs below, there are so many amazing creations to make.

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  1. Gorgeous end result, I have several lengths of silk and will be searching the net to see if I can do similar with that. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous project K xx


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