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Hotel Bedroom Style #fabricguru

Hotel Bedroom Style #fabricguru

One of the delights of moving home is the process of transforming a house into a home. You may be surprised at my priorities, many would think it is my sewing space but the reality is somewhat different. At the end of a hard day, I like to chill out in a comfortable sitting room then retire to a beautiful bedroom. So what makes a hotel style bedroom? A sense of comfort, cohesiveness, relaxation, a place you want to be, where you feel a sense of luxury.

Dare I admit I have never had a stylish bedroom?? I suspect my daughter has the right idea, a comfortable bedboard so one can sit back and relax in comfort with a good book. That is her number one priority, it seems a good one to me! Whilst we lived at my father in laws we all shared one room, I missed enjoying a good book at bedtime.

Much as I love second hand I always buy new beds. With our house move, my husband and I have gained the high-quality single beds from our former spare room. The new spare room is compact with no room for the single beds, or our former King Size bed. Bed Guru has a range of upholstered beds to suit your space,  I never realised that a European double bed is 10cm longer than a UK double bed, perfect for my rather tall father. The importance of a comfortable bed board is easily covered by their large range of choice, sizes and colours.

My aspirations for a cohesive bedroom inevitable leads to contemplation of colour schemes. My starting point is the denim quilt I made a couple of years back (find the tutorial here), with a suggestion I make patchwork denim curtains. We have bought simply stunning 1950’s wardrobes with a walnut veneer from a lovely vintage second-hand shop.

My initial plan to paint them navy, with soft grey walls plus a feature wall of mustard. Due to the dominating size of the furniture I have changed my mind to two-tone pale greys, the paler colour should help reduce the impact of their size in the room. The mustard feature wall is now in the balance, having tried a tester pot on the wall it just looks yucky!!

But I am sure you agree the peach we have inherited could benefit from updating.

For a sense of luxury I am seeking inspiration from instagram feeds, hotel websites for styling ideas and paint catalogues. (I have just discovered @shedhomewares_e17 on instagram – a beautiful upcycled home)

Should we go for a bold stronger colour as a feature wall?

Or a cool blue? Blue is such a versatile colour with a huge range of shades.

Or neutral?? This will show off the textures of the denim quilt, chair and curtains

Any suggestions for the colour scheme gratefully received.




This post is written in collaboration with Bed Guru.

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Friday 20th of April 2018

I would paint the wardrobes first and then see what colour looks best on the wall. Blue/grey seems to be the in colour for the moment.


Saturday 21st of April 2018

I think you are right Leonie, now to make a decision on paint for the furniture! I am going to try fusion mineral paint as it is recommended for the least brush mark effect

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.