Great Eco Recycled Easter Baskets

Whats not to love about the thrill of children doing an Easter egg hunt? Here’s a great variety of Eco & Recycled Easter Baskets you can make:

Brown Paper EasterBasket

Brown paper bag converted into this super cute basket. Find the tutorial over at ellinee.


Upcycled milk carton Easter Basket – I love this. Great instructions from Red Ted Art.

Plastic Bag Basket

Too many plastic bags despite your best efforts?? Weave a basket. Thanks to luckyladybirdcraft.




Of course I have to include a basket you can make with newspaper – love this from jenniferperkins.


Recycled sweater basket

And naturally a recycled sweater basket too, thanks to triedandtrueblog.


Fabric scrap easter basket


Wrap piping with fabric scraps, and stitch together (reminds me of making clay coilpots) – tutorial at modabakeshop.

Which eco recycled easter basket are you tempted to make? Personally wishing we had brighter plastic bags for the plastic bag basket.





6 thoughts on “Great Eco Recycled Easter Baskets”

  1. I like the weaving.mjust wish I had longer than 2 days left of term as I don’t think I will manage to fit it in.

  2. What a great selection of baskets Vicky! So much better than store bought plastic! I remember half the fun of the Easter Egg Hunt at school was making the basket to put them in!


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