How does your garden grow?

I love spring, the unexpected summery days, clearing the garden, planting seeds…


Our garden is  full of bulbs, a spring garden:)


We are blessed with a garden with great variety, large shrubs, winding paths, rockery and an area where my husband has created raised beds.


At our former home we had a small back garden and allotment. This garden gives us the best of both, although admittedly a much smaller area for growing.


The weekend was glorious weather, the strawberry bed was weeded, raised beds dug over. The tot and I enjoyed planting carrots, parsnips, and cut and come again salad leaves. I say enjoy – it takes a certain level of letting go when planting seeds with a tot, the plants will be coming through in clumps:) As usual we are crop rotating, thank goodness for my husbands memory.


I love growing our vegetables, picking salad fresh for lunch boxes, making tomato sauce, and in the autumn chutneys ready for Christmas presents:)

I strongly encourage you to grow your own – you don’t need raised beds, salad, beetroot, french beans are a few if the items you can grow in window boxes and pots. We pick up cut and come again salad leaves seeds from the 99p shop and gain many, many salads from the one packet of seeds.

Or have a go at regrowing vegetables indoors, with this great list of food which regrows:)




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21 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?”

  1. I have just G+ messaged you a similar link for re-growing veg from kitchen scraps. Your garden looks like it’s all coming along great, you’ll have plenty if lovely salad in a few months time.

  2. You have some lovely Spring garden plants. Looks like you have alot of growing space, do you manage to grow most of your own food? I didn’t know you could grow French beans in pots, thanks for the tip!

    • I wish we did manage to grow most of our own!! We manage to grow enough for eating but not storing. Growing veg was our compromise between my organic veg box, and my husbands supermarket shop when we met:)

  3. Its a great idea! Home made tomato sauce sound enticing but I dont have space sadly. But I can dream =)

    Off topic: I love your bags! I have few designs of my own that I want to sew but I dont have a sewing machine so they stay in my head. But your bags are the nicest!#HDYGG

  4. Homemade tomato sauce and chutneys sound fabulous, not to mention the fresh salads. We have a herb garden but we’ve not embarked on salad or veg, we must find a space for some it would be great. Sounds like you’ve been busy, great to see some Spring flowers appearing too 🙂

  5. I love just how much you are growing yourselves and that you garden together, it’s nice to have a common love. We haven’t grown anything where we live at the moment, as a summer of house extension and garage re-building is ahead and I’ve been warned just how much of a mess our garden might end up during it – but I do remember the happy feeling of planting carrot seeds and going out to tend for them each day – really good times.
    Thanks for joining in and sharing x

  6. So much growing out there! I’m just redesigning my garden now, and adding a fruit & veg patch. We’ve blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, peas, pumpkins and carrots on the agenda, and my herb garden is really starting to flourish.

  7. We’re hoping to grow loads of veg in our garden next year. I was planning on growing some this year but I’m just not finding time to get out in the garden so I don’t know if I’ll manage it. I have just discovered that we have a Japanese quince bush in our garden though and now I’m really excited to make some quince jelly for gifts for people at Christmas 🙂

    • Your comment made me smile – the tot is 3 this year so he has been band from mud pies – only allowed sand pies from now on!! Surely he is old enough?? The aim is to quickly fill his earth supply of containers with veg and hope he respects them!

  8. So nice to grow things yourself, what a great sense of satisfaction. For the last few years we have planted lettuce and rocket seeds, and saved so much money growing and picking our own, all sourer for about £2. What a bargain!


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