how does your garden grow?

A couple of weeks ago I joined in how does your garden grow blog hop run by Annie.


I loved visiting other blogs and seeing posts about their gardens. Not only did I meet some great new bloggers, I was inspired by the photography skills and images I saw.


I have always loved the patterns caused by tree branches (these images were taken at Holt Country Park, if you are Norfolk based I highly recommend it, – lots of short trails perfect for toddlers with a play ground and toilets at the car park)

DSC_0049 DSC_0053

As I walked round our garden taking further photographs I noticed the spring flowers blooming and dying, I was amazed at how much changed within a fortnight.




Thanks for the inspiration fellow bloggers to get my camera out and try harder – I am pleased with the images:)




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10 thoughts on “how does your garden grow?”

  1. I love getting out in our garden with my camera. So many changes that I’d miss. I love the pattern of the branches too. Our oak tree branches have turned nobbly. Just waiting for the leaves to burst out now. #HDYGG

  2. Such lovely shots – I too love that last one especially! Such great colours out there at the moment, I too have been surprised at how much has changed in the past couple of weeks – feels like barer borders have been filling out fast here.
    Funnily enough I was talking to friends yesterday who were sining the praises of Norfolk – and I’ve not been but I’m looking for potential places for long weekends away soon and they convinced me that I need Norfolk in my life. So I must pick your brain over the best places to visit!

    Thanks for joining in again, lovely to hear you’ve been inspired by the others joining in 🙂

  3. I have never thought about patterns made by branches before but love it. I shall be looking now. Your photos are stunning and I am glad you are pleased, you should be.

  4. Extremely pretty. I remember when I was in the UK for a trip and thinking how lovely the gardens are. I guess it is too hot over here to grow such flowers.


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