Felt Jumper Hot Water Bottle Cover

I am delighted to announce my Quick Mid Week Upcycled Makes series. I am very excited about this, and just about holding off writing and scheduling a months worth of posts right now!

Felt Jumper Hot Water Bottle Cover

You may be inclined to agree with me my current hot water bottle cover is in need of replacing!


This time I am using a jumper that is happy to be felted. I have to confess I have had this jumper such a long time, I like it so much I just couldn’t decide what project to use it for!!


Place your jumper in the washing machine and run at it’s hottest cycle. If need be run the jumper through a second time – this works best on a 100% handwash jumpers (Warning: those 100% wool jumpers which have been treated so they can be washed in a machine will not felt).


Place your empty hot water bottle on top of your sweater and cut round allowing 1.5cm seam allowance.


Use a sleeve to cut a third piece, neck down. Layer them on top of each other and trim the other part of the flap allowing an overlap of a good inch. Machine stitch round.


To finish off  add a button fastening, and blanket stitch with the embroidery thread the edge of the flap – this is more for decoration than necessity (this jumper has felted well and therefore will not fray).


Felt Jumper Hot Water Bottle Cover



I am trusting the wool cover will keep the hot water bottle, and me warm for a good long time!


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  1. I love this, the design from the jumper is gorgeous. I made a mini cover from a scarf recently and my little girls loves itโ€ฆhope you stay warm!!


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