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Fabulous Upcycling Ideas with Tutorials

Fabulous Upcycling Ideas with Tutorials
I have been mentioning the word upcycling a few times in recent posts.. so what does it mean? Good question – I think it is the process of transforming something old and/or reaching the end of it’s lifespan into something new, adding value to the original item through the transformation.
An amazing day took place on twitter yesterday #NationalUpcyclingDay. It was truly inspirational!! Trending for part of the day at number 1 on twitter, what an amazing achievement by Gumtree and partners. Max McMurdo took over Gumtree’s twitter account sharing stories and tips.
Plus Ecochic Interiors, Makedoandmend, Remade in Britain each tweeted an A-Z list relating to upcycling. read more here.
I have set up a NationalUpcyclingDay Pinterest Board, pinning images shared on twitter. I have not yet, and may never quite, manage to pin all images shared – there is so much to see!! If you would like to become a pinner to the group board follow me on pinterest and drop me a message so I can add you:)
 nationalUpcyclingDay Pinterest Board
I shared tutorials relating to upcycling, you can see them all plus more below:-
Fabulous Upcycling Ideas with Tutorials
Interior Decoration:
Bench made from old chairs
Clock, made with fabric and buttons
Jam Jars into tea light holders
Notice board from old baking tray
Wreath from newspaper
Floating shelves from cake tins
Clothing related:
Infinity Scarf from a former skirt
Toddler pants out of baby grows
Sundress from old tshirts
T-shirt into a dress
Soft toy rattlesnake out of a tie
Denim shorts, free pattern and tutorial
Great round up post with links to many childrens sewing clothes free patterns – upcycling former clothing into new

If you would like to read more about upcycling there is an interesting article by Gumtree here, and a perspective on whether upcycled furniture will appeal to the general public the Guardian here.

Why am I passionate about upcycling? The process saves items from landfill, maximises earths resources, it’s creative, challenging plus cheaper!!

Go on – have a go at transforming something into a great new item. I would love to know what you make:)





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Felicia Kennedy

Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Lovely ideas! My sister and I recently decided to gather all the old and useless clothing out of our families' closets and make some recycling and up-cycling. As both of us need to make some decoration changes or renovate some clothes, we've decided to plan few 'crafty' weekends. So we are in search of good ideas now. Thank you for your post, love your ideas and tutorials!


Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Your crafty weekends sound great fun:)

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