Empty nest syndrome…

Have you noticed a fortnights silence? probably the longest since I started blogging. The tot (start again) our son started school. In many ways this has been a smooth transition, we have had no tears at drop off. The school, our second choice, is friendly and supportive. He’s learning to read with text books, much to his and our delight. Our son is blessed with his dad’s memory, learning seems to come naturally to him.

George and I

Do you sense a but coming? I miss him, and he misses me. This is of course natural. Some days I’m fine, others I have the normal mothers stress of achieving the hour and a half of school runs per day, getting to and from the day job on time, and assisting with two different homeworks. Other days I am full of empty nest syndrome. Some days he’s fine, other days he advises me school is boring, he is poorly, he just wants to be with me. We are both doing our best to overcome natural shyness in this new environment.. on day two he advised me he had no friends yet to which I thought neither have I!! New friendships will form.

I knew in advance it would be a mixed bag of emotions when the moment came – I would miss him, and at the same time looked forward to two free days a week. My plans were to consider voluntary work, focus on the blog and Christmas sales on Etsy. Its early days, my focus has been catching up with friends plus adding a small amount of exercise into my week.

In the absence of any sewing I thought I would share with you a bag I made for my Mum over the summer. She requested I replicate this bag (my Dad’s) for her. The new bag was to be strong with similiar colours.

Messenger bag

I had no fabric in my stash which fitted the bill so I bought some, I decided to reuse the hardware from the original bag.

replicated messenger bag

The bag fits the bill perfectly.. frustratingly a misunderstanding on my part meant that my Dad’s beloved bag was cut up for hardware.

Handmade messenger bag

Thankfully I am forgiven and he also has a new bag:)

This week’s plans include:-

  • Chutney making, with photography of said chutney for guest Christmas blog post
  • Refashion of husbands old tshirts
  • Creating woollen blankets from former jumpers to donate to Calais
  • Write some blog posts!!

How do you adjust to big changes? Are you managing to fit creativity into your week?




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10 thoughts on “Empty nest syndrome…”

  1. Aww, it must be hard missing your little boy, i’m sure you’ll both learn to thrive in your new situations soon though, sounds like you have lots of plans for your time! x

  2. I would not worry about the friendships. My son didn’t start making friends until he was well into Year 1. He just wasn’t ready. I can’t say it gets easier, but you just sort of get used to it. I can remember walking home from drop off with my umbrella pulled firmly down, as I didn’t want the other mums to see all the tears I had been bottling up so my son wouldn’t also see them. (I still feel a bit the same and he has just started at sixth form college)

  3. Awh, my heart goes out to you, it really does. I don’t mean to try any sort of one up man ship but this weekend I dropped my daughter back at uni for her 3rd year and next weekend my middle lad starts back for his 2nd year. My youngest has to put up with a lot of hugs when the others are not here, he’s very good about it really! Thank goodness for social media, just a quick facebook message, text or whats app now and again keeps me ok. They don;t come home very much in term time, which is great because it means they are happy, but not great ‘cos I miss ’em.
    Just keep busy, like you are doing, and remember it won’t be long till half term!

  4. Oh, time marches on once they start to school. Cherish each moment and each new experience, as it does go so fast. Enjoy all the things you do. Make him a special surprised like something small that he can squeeze when he misses you so much, just a thought. One of your US followers who enjoys your blog.

  5. Fitting craft in is so hard sometimes isn’t it, looks like you have been busy!! My little one started preschool a couple of weeks ago, it’s been very odd! And she’s really struggled although thankfully the last session and managed to not fall to pieces the second she wanted through the door. I hope you manage to achieve all your plans for the next week xx

  6. It’s been a long time for me but I remember the strange mixture of sadness and elation when my youngest went to school. I missed our times together but found I could work part time and clean up the house in peace and so we moved into a new phase of life – not so slow and peaceful as days at home but eventful and busy and whoosh – here I am a Granny!!


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